Dim Sum Diaries
I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately. All I want to do is burrow under the covers and lie abed all day. Of course, with two rambunctious children its pretty much impossible.

So yesterday I managed to catch a snooze when the children were napping. The telephone rings and I sleepily pick it up.

"Lo," I muttered.

"Hello!" my Dad said jovially. "Do you want to go to your sister's house and meet us for dinner?" The static-y crackle of his cell phone was very pronounced, making it necessary to talk loudly. I tried to wake up my sleep-fogged brain to process this latest piece of information.

"Sure," I replied.

"Mom has some stuff she needs to give you."

"Okay, tell Mom to bring down the pants she hemmed for me, okay?" I asked.


"The PANTS!" I repeated.


"The PANTS!!!" I repeated even more loudly. Maybe if I switched to Cantonese, then he would understand I was saying. I paused for a moment, trying to remember the word for pants. "THE DUI-FOO!!!!" I said, then cursed when I realized I'd said underwear instead of pants.



"Oh," my Dad finally said. "I thought you said tent. Okay, I'll tell her."

I sighed. Even though its completely obvious that were I fully awake, my fluency in Cantonese would rival the language skills of a U.N. language translator (yeah right), this is what happens when you don't speak Chinese for extended periods of time.
Just a quick post today. Blogmadness continues and it is a critical round. So if you would take the time to read the entries and vote, then it would be much appreciated.

I went to this new Mac store that opened near me recently. It is so cool. I bought some compy cleaner (the only one endorsed by Apple apparently) and the Mac version of Neverwinter Nights. I am this lawful good human Paladin. But I forget her name. Its a pretty good game so far!!

So I start avidly playing and Lo-Gung, who is sooooo jealous cuz he's only playing his wife has a newer game then me Baldur's Gate 2. He's standing behind me as I'm fiddling around with it, talking to one of the NPC's. I suddenly let out a huge gasp.

"OMG! Bim's voice is the voice of Cam Clarke!" I said reverently. "Did you know he was the voice of Max on Robotech??? He is one of the most prolific and successful voiceover artists..."

Lo-Gung sighed. "Yes dear, I know. You've been telling me this since 1992. Why don't you just enjoy the game?"

I rolled my eyes at him. "Yes, dear," I replied in a tone that denoted we'd been married for almost nine years and knew each other only too well.

So anyways, the game rocks so far.

Artistic Temperament Runs In The Family...Apparently...

Since Lo-Gung is whitebread and I'm Chinese (and gorgeous to boot ha ha ha), we've spawned two beautiful children that are a blend of our two races. However, it seems that his genes have trumped mine in many areas. Both look more like Lo-Gung and have inherited his fine, wavy, dark brown hair. Son does look a little more Asian though.

Both little stinkers however, have inherited many aspects of the best and worst of my personality. Both are decidedly stubborn and don't like to be told what to do. I was reminded of how much my daughter (we'll call her P) is like me personality wise yesterday...

Flashback to two days ago, evening...

Lo-Gung is in the office and I am about to go to bed (have to get up early for work). Our bedroom and the office share a common wall. I knock on the wall to get his attention.

Me: Honey!!!!! I need your manly self!!!!!!

Lo-Gung (appearing at the door): Yes dear?

Me: Come here for a minute.

Lo-Gung: Do you need me to set your alarm clock again?

Me: Yes, but I also want you to read my latest writing and tell me what you think.

Lo-Gung (resigned): Okay...

Me: Well?

Lo-Gung: Its good. I like it.

Me: You liked it? Tell me exactly why you like it. Which part did you like? And what did you think about this sentence here? Tell me everything that you are thinking right now!!!

Lo-Gung: Calgon, take me away!!!!

Fast forward to after kid's swim class yesterday...

P: Mommy! Did you see me swim? I even jumped off the diving board by myself!!

Me: Yes. You did a very good job. You are a good swimmer.

P: Did you see me waving to you just before I jumped?

Me: Yes.

P: Okay Mommy, now was that the first jump when I waved to you? Or the second jump? Because I didn't see you looking at me on the second jump. Which jump did you like better?

Me: I liked all of them.

P: Tell me everything you are thinking now!!!

Me: ...

BTW, another BlogMadness round starts tonight. Read the entries and vote.
An interesting article about John Ashcroft from Vanity Fair.
Look at the happy Asians stuffing their faces. And MickeyD's is there every step of the way. (link via Ernie)

Hey DSD just got better!! Now w/ trackback!! Woo hoo!
A very touching wedding photo gallery...
I think that this blog, Turning Tables by Moja_Vera, is one of my favorite of all times. His last post was back in October 2003. He came back from Iraq and hasn't posted since then. I'm very curious as to whats become of him.

So if anyone knows, let me know. Otherwise I will email him...eventually...

Update: I just emailed him. We'll see what happens...
Well? Well?

Apparently I'm 73% Dixie, "a pretty strong Southern score"...not taking into account I've lived in CA all my life, am Asian and I tend to talk like a Valley girl. Like omigod, y'all...gag me with a green crawdad!!!!
I uploaded more pics to my photoblog.
I am sooooo glad its Friday. I just want to relax and spend time at home and not have to think about work or anything stressful.

So I had jury duty yesterday. I think I will talk about it in limited detail because some parts of it were pretty funny (well funny as in Mir tends to dramatize things slightly). I was so happy to not go to work, to be able to do something for my state, my country, for my belief in the system. I AM SUPPORTING DEMOCRACY!!! So said the judge in his opening remarks to the jury pool. I was more then happy to support democracy. I just needed a cup of coffee first.

I brought my laptop (aka Prisca). I wanted to get some writing in while waiting to be called. Luckily they let laptops in, so I joined a few others in what I call "the lappy group". We were the smug group who tapped importantly into our keyboards, pretending that we were doing some great works of importance. Or maybe that was just me. Anyways, there was this distinguished older gentlemen sitting across from me, working on his Dell. He was wearing a suit...and by glancing at the papers he was shuffling around...it looked like he was a lawyer of some type. He was cool. He would "watch" Prisca when I had to go to the restroom and vice versa.

A few hours later, 35 of us were called to go to this certain courtroom to be "selected". I was all excited about it. Don't ask me why. I'm a dork. So I get out of the elevator and walked towards the courtroom. On my way, I spot a young man dressed up in his brown Marine uniform. My first thought is num nums at 2:00 high!!!!!!, oh look, there is a young man who is a member of our armed services. It turns out he was the defendant in an alleged assault case. That's all I'll say about case specifics.

When we were all seated, somewhere in the back of my mind, I kept expecting the signature Law & Order dum-DUM when the bailiff called the room to order. It didn't. -_-

"This is voir dire," the judge told us.

I nodded sagely to the prospective juror next to me. "Its a preliminary examination of prospective jurors or witnesses under oath to determine their competence or suitability," I informed her. "I've seen this countless times on Law & Order." Okay, I didn't really say that but I was still all smug about knowing what voir dire was.

So they picked 18 people and sat them down in the jury box. Older distinguished gentlemen with the laptop that I mentioned earlier was picked and when they began questioning him, it turned out he was a prominent local judge. The exchange between him and the presiding judge in this case was quite humorous.

Laptop Buddy aka Prominent Local Judge: I'm not sure I can "discuss" the case with a jury as per the jury instructions. You see, since I am a judge, I make up my own mind and then that's it. So that is why I am excused from so many juries.

Presiding Judge: My goodness, that must present an interesting conundrum for you.

Laptop Buddy aka Prominent Local Judge: It does. You do understand. Thank you, your Honor.

Presiding Judge: No, thank you, your Honor.

So then I'm like, hey!!! When is it my turn to be called!!! They finally called me as a potential because many were already kicked to the curb. Maybe I looked too eager to be a juror. Or maybe they secretly knew how eager I was to incorporate the phrase THE PERP!!! into my rambling diatribe about my life (but I didn't). Because in the end, I was thanked for my service and dismissed.

Thus ended my day of jury duty.

Rate your geekiness!

And no, I am not one of those who writes erotic fanfics of Star Trek where all the characters are furries, like Kirk is an ocelot or something, and I put a furry version of myself as the star of the story. I prefer to remain furless, thank you very much. -_-

(via Wil)
If you are ancient like I am, you might appreciate the flash version of classic '80s video games.

And yet another round of Blogmadness 2003 continues. Its really coming down to the wire now, so read the entries and vote.

I have to report for jury duty today. So maybe I can get some writing time in whilst waiting to be called.

Lo-Gung takes the kiddies to Best Buy. The kids immediately comandeer the microphone to the karaoke machine. Much to the delight of other shoppers and to the horror of Lo-Gung...

Daughter, aged 5 (at the top of her lungs): I LOOOOOOOOOVVVEEEEE YOOOOUUUU DADDDDYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Son aged 3 (at the top of his lungs): COOOOO-KOOOOO-CLOOCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!


Mir drives home after a shopping spree. She calls Lo-Gung on her cell phone.

Lo-Gung: Hey, did you buy a new dress for our Valentine Day's dinner?

Mir: I did get something. Its beautiful. Its white, filmy and very feminine. AND its see-through too.

Lo-Gung: reaLLLY? *cough cough* I mean really.

Mir: Oh yeah baby. Its gorgeous.

Lo-Gung: Why must you be so cruel to me?

Men are so gullible.
Wow, this is so cool...

In other news, I finally got a chance to show my critique partner the first two paragraphs of the manuscript. 243 words. It took me all weekend to find 243 words in the English language that I could be happy with. Its really kind of depressing. Then aforementioned critique partner/musey wusey thinks the first paragraph should be thrown out. The second is cool. Its cool...but in the short term a little disheartening to know that an entire paragraph needs to be reworked. Its kind of weird. You agonize over each word you put to paper (or in my case laptop)...it takes you hours to formulate a sentence, is the tone right...can you expand on a particular idea...should you change this word or that...and then someone reads it and its over in seconds...kinda weird...

Mir is a slooowwwwww writer...

Blogmadness yet AGAIN. Read and vote.

I'll detail more on our VDay hijinx soon. :)
Man writing for a full out novel is way harder then a blog entry. The words...are slow to come...I have to pull them out of my brain one at a time...its painful...rather like extracting a tooth.

I have to get out of the "blogger" mode (aka short attention span) and get into the What Dan Is Going Through Right Now mode...dangnabit...maybe if I sleep with The West Wing scriptbooks and DVDs under my pillow...the info will diffuse to my brain via osmosis...

PS - Props to Hovey-Lovey, Smurfy & AVT for being great "source material". :)

In other news, nearly a year later...
Blogmadness 2003. Read. Vote.

BTW, Dan & Kate are coming back. I am entering a romance writing contest sponsored by a local RWA chapter. Am in the process of making extensive revisions. I'll keep you posted.

I'm gonna see if I can wheedle Cyc-ie-Wickie into drawing a faux romance book cover...Dan standing tall...all noble and handsome...Kate...beautiful, smart, sexy and looking passionately into his eyes...but knowing Cyc, he'll draw them super-deformed (chibi) style. Hee hee. That would be funny. I also still can't think of a proper title...I'm thinking "Return to Me"...but wasn't that a movie w/ Minnie Driver and David Ducovhny? Or how about "The Warrior and The Princess Lawyer" (seriously I would never name it that)...I'll keep thinking...

Theres No Business Like Show Business...

B.J. Ward has always been one of my favorite figures in the entertainment industry. She's an incredible voice-over artist. She was the voice of Scarlett in the GI Joe cartoon series in the '80s. She was also the voice of Allura/Aurora in Voltron.

Recently, she's decided to focus on the classical voice. Back in 1995, Lo-Gung and I (this was before we were married) had the chance to perform with BJ Ward at the Ambassador Auditorium (now defunct) in Pasadena, CA. This is what sealed the deal for me in terms of Lo-Gung. One look into his soulful, brown eyes as he sang with and to me, and I got all gooey.

So there we are, the chance to sing with BJ Ward...the aria of the day is Si, mi chiamano Mimi, from La Boheme by Puccini. Its always a thrill to be able to show everyone your stuff...to be involved with a production...

Mimi (aka BJ Ward):

*Si, Mi chiamano Mimi,
ma il mio nome i Lucia.
La storia mia i breve:
a tela o a seta
ricamo in casa e fuori...
Son tranquilla e lieta
ed i mio svago
far gigli e rose.
Mi piaccion quelle cose
che han si dolce malia,
che parlano d'amor, di primavere,
di sogni e di chimere,
quelle cose che han nome poesia...
Lei m'intende?

Rodolfo (aka Mir & Lo-Gung):

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Our big part. Which, admittedly, the whole audience actually sang that single, fateful word. But that still means I get bragging rights in terms of singing with BJ!

Next stop: An off-broadway production of Just Mir 2004!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm hooked on blogging. Its really weird. Originally I intended to post one witty and intelligent post (yeah I know I'm famous for those). Then I'd wait demurely for a few days, letting the seven readers of DSD FULLY SOAK in the brilliance of said entry. Yeah, that was the plan. Instead...INSTEAD...I'm posting every day. I have something to say every day. And it may not necessarily be funny or clever either.


Maybe its just cuz I like exposing the slaves rt.com chat guys to the romance genre in literature. I can then point and laugh at them...ha ha!!! You read a romance...you have a feminine side...ha ha ha ha!!!!!

So anyways, here is what happened yesterday. I took el kiddos to their swim lessons at the local YMCA. The reason I like that organization so much is because their swim program runs like a well oiled machine. And the kids like it...so that's why.

Anyways, whilst watching the kiddies splash about, I was sitting in the bleachers with four or five other soccer moms. They were obviously all friends and were chatting with each other. I kind of felt like the odd mom out. I don't really "hang" with any other moms...

SM #1 to another SM: Oh yeah, I had dinner with Claire yesterday...and she was telling me about this project that she is going to do...oh you mean she didn't mention it to you? Tsk. Tsk. Oh, too bad.

All conversation ceased, however as soon as one of the swim instructors stepped out. He had just finished his class and changed back into regular clothes. His bohemian hair was a little on the longish side, but his sleekly muscled physique was an eyecatcher whilst he was teaching his class.

"Hi, Chas!!!" the soccer moms chorused in unison. I started in surprise. Then the soccer moms began to pepper him with questions about their kids.

Man, maybe I should've worked at the YMCA when I was a youngun. The swim teachers and lifeguards move with easy such grace, implicitly confident in their youth and athletic prowess. Sigh. Oh to be young again.

DSD Is Like NPR...Only Like Its More Better!!!!

I just read this thought provoking analysis of Bush's foreign policy towards China. The article highlights a disturbing trend, if, left unchecked, will change the face of U.S. foreign policy forever.

In other news, I'll be watching T'Pol & Tripp getting down to bidnazz tonight. :)

Switching Over To The Goddess of Writing Now...

Can we say, ob-sess-shon? Lisa Kleypas just posted a new excerpt of her upcoming book, Autumn Velvet. Plus, she posted another mini-excerpt at the BBS I haunt. I'm posting the mini-excerpt here so it'll never get lost and I can re-read it endlessly...

Excerpt from Autumn Velvet (a scene that takes place the day after the straight-laced Westcliff spontaneously kisses headstrong heiress Lillian Bowman)

<< Reading discomfort in her sudden silence, and mistaking the cause, Westcliff spoke gruffly. "Miss Bowman, I must apologize for what happened earlier today. I am at a loss to explain my behavior, other than to state that it was a moment of insanity that will never be repeated."

Lillian stiffened a little at the word "insanity". "Fine," she said. "I accept your apology."

"You may set your mind at ease with the knowledge that I do not find you desirable in any way whatsoever. If the two of us were left alone on a desert island, I would have absolutely no thought of approaching you."

"I understand. Enough said, my lord."

"I just want to make it clear that what I did was a complete aberration. You are not the kind of woman whom I would ever be attracted to. In fact--"

"You've made yourself quite clear," Lillian interrupted with a scowl, thinking that it was undoubtedly the most annoying apology she had ever received. "However . . . as my father always says, an honest apology comes with a price."

Westcliff shot her an alert glance. "Price?"

The air between them crackled with challenge. "Yes, my lord. It's no trouble for you to mouth a few words and then be done with it, is it? But if you were truly sorry for what you did, you would try to make amends."

"All I did was kiss you," he protested, as if she were making far too much of the incident.

"Against my will," Lillian said significantly. She adopted an expression of wounded dignity. "Perhaps there are some women who would welcome your romantic attentions, but I am not one of them. And I am not accustomed to being grabbed and forcefully subjected to kisses that I didn't ask for–"

"You participated," Westcliff retorted, wearing a Hades-like grimace.

"I did not!"

"You–" Seeming to realize that it was a unproductive argument, Westcliff broke off and swore.

"But," Lillian continued sweetly, "I might be willing to forgive and forget . . . If you would do one small thing for me.">>
Norah Jones new CD, Feels Like Home comes out today. Guess I'll head to the music store during lunch.

And then last night...

"Hey honey, what are you reading there?" Lo-Gung asked me.

"The Bible," I replied.

"What? You?" Then he rolled his eyes when I showed him my book.

"The book of Sorkin," I intoned solemnly. "It follows after the book of Monty."

And the Lord spoke, saying, "First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin. Then, shalt thou count to three, no more, no less. Three shalt be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shalt be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out! Once the number three, being the third number be reached, then lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thou foe, who, being naughty in my sight, shall snuff it."
Blogmadness voting is still going on. Read the entries and if you like mine, please vote for me. :)

Update: Man its close. As of 12:49 pm PST, its tied 27-27!

The Old Girl...She Ain't What She Used To Be...

Behold the following conversation I recently had with my 5 year old daughter. We'll call her P.

P: Hey Mom! You hanged up my art picture!

Mir: Yes. Because it rocks.

P: Its supposed to be like Matisse. We learned about him in school today.

Mir (smugly): Yes. I know all about art. In fact, in my high school Western Civilization class, I was considered quite the art expert. You know stuff like chiaroscuro and all that.

P: Oh yeah? Then why did you hang my picture upside-down?

Mir: ....
Tom Bridge, who is my opponent for this round of Blogmadness had some really nice things to say about DSD. Since some ego-stroking is always good for the soul, let me say that y'all should check out his entry, Adventures Along The Coast. He succinctly captures the mood of a visit to the Northern CA coast. I got the same feeling when I went there too. :)

And Yet Even More BlogMadness 2003!!!!!

Round 3 starts in an hour. Go here, read the entries and vote!!!


Is it just me or is the font size on this blog shrinking? I need glasses to read my own blog. Am I getting old or what?


And now a word from our sponsor, Ferr Ferr.
I closed my eyes in despair. All I could think of was why??? Why had it come to this???? Why was my life like this??? Why? Why? Why???

Then a man with a noble steed...actually a dark horse, stepped in out of the shadows...

Yes, ladies and gentlemen - TL Hines has ridden in with a Jon Stewartian series of interviews with long shot presidential candidates.

Suddenly the day seemed a little brighter. The birds began to sing again. The flowers bloomed. Yes. Life is good. ;)
Gourmet cooking with Janet Jackson!

Link via Ernie.
Don't tell Lo-Gung, but this entry is about him.

Lo-Gung's birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and I've been thinking about what to get him. Then I came across this.

Its a possibility. Females who see their man wearing this are sure to exclaim: "Rawr, come here you sexy bitch..."
Now they're calling the Janet Jackson incident Boobgate. I thought that was funny.

Also, here is a nifty little quiz that divines what type of romance writer you really are.

BTW, thanks to everyone who voted for me in the Blogmadness 2003 competition.

Also, have been playing Nethack, and my name is Mir-Rog-Orc-Mal-Cha! A strong and fitting name for a chaotic, female orc Barbarian (or something like that)!!!
You know those WMD? Weapon of Mass Destruction? Found em. In my house. AKA my son.

This WMD likes to sneak out of his room when he is supposed to be sleeping and rip open the kids' tube of toothpaste with his bare teeth. He split it in half. Unbelievable.

You have to keep a close eye on this WMD, because it'll get really quiet. Suddenly a sense of dread grips you. What is he up to now? Then you realize you should've put away all the shampoo bottles because he's taken every one and emptied it into the tub.

Sigh. Sometimes its like fighting a losing battle.

Here is the final score for today:

Son: 76

Parents: 3
The past few days have been a mixed bag for me. On the one hand, its been pretty rough at work, making me prone to be a bit on the blue side. On the other hand, things at home have been pretty smooth and this blog has really started to take off.

Thanks to a few textad purchases from Haloscan and Wil Wheaton's blog (the MAN actually emailed me himself! Oh sure, it said WilWheaton.net texad admin, but I know it was him, heh heh), and exposure from the ongoing Blogmadness competition, site traffic has swelled. So that's pretty cool.

Sometimes its the simple things in life that can really cheer you up:

-Flirting with your man
-Working with your kid on her homework
-Reading your latest acquisition from the bookstore
-Writing to express your emotions

Corny but true. :p
Found this nifty little app via Kyren:

I've visited all these States:

To make your own map, go here.