Dim Sum Diaries
So that job that I've been hinting about since last...what...November? It finally came through !!!! and I started this week (much to Hubby's relief since he apparently worries about money a lot). I have to say that I was a little nervous after being out of work for two years, but everyone seems really nice and it is very nice working from home. So here I sit, clad in sweats and giant fluffy pink robe, working at the computer all day...

Since I deal with change rather bumpily, I see the need to block time out to spend with kids, down time, time with Hubby, exercise, etc etc etc. Hope to become woman who perfectly manages her time extremely well...visions of myself furiously typing, creating tech manuals with one hand whilst kid is on my lap and I am reading to him/her. Doable? We'll see...

I decided to take the children for a walk this morning to spend time with them. Whilst strolling through the neighborhood, happened upon an unpleasant brown pile of yuckiness on the sidewalk.

"Look! Its scat!" Son cried, pointing to it excitedly.

Recoiled in horror and wondered for a moment on exactly how much Son knew about the German porn industry. Then I realized what he was talking about.

"Umm, how do you know that term?" I asked Son.

"Its the scientific word for poo," Daughter said in the smug, superior way only eldest sisters can manage to pull off. "I learned it from the Discovery Channel."

"I KNOW, Sister," Son replied, annoyed. "I was the one that said it FIRST, REMEMBER???"

Good times, indeed.
Seriously! So what is going on here??? I got a bloody job! That's what is going on! As a freelance technical writer, I have the luxury of working from home! Its pretty nice but just trying to get up to speed is crazy. I'll write more about it later...

PS - Freshbooks, I lurrrv you!
Have been faffing around the house, doing laundry, folding clothes, organizing house etc etc etc, so this entry is not so much a blog post as much as an eclectic collection of links I think is rock on!

Shit I Burn Time Doing Whilst Waiting To Hear About Job Situ:

--Am looking forward to WoW's Burning Crusade expansion pack...should be arriving overnight from amazon.com any minute now...

Number of Places Where We Have Had Hot Monkey Animal Sex:

Ha ha that got your attention! Seriously, here are the places...this is my favorite...

To Hubby's coworkers: just kidding!


--Miss Potter looks like a really good movie, but why the hell will they not play it in bloody San Diego? I have to drive all the way to Irvine if I want to see it. And in LA, its only playing at the "artsy-fartsy" theaters. Apparently only uncultured people live in mah neck of the woods...*sigh

--If you liked Shaun of the Dead, the same guys have a new movie coming out called Hot Fuzz. Here's a link to the trailer.

Cool Things:

Sean Pearce, the guy that wrote one of my fave warblogs, has recently re-emerged with a new space where he occasionally writes. I'm very happy about that. And of course I have the accompanying funny story about that, being a complete and utter stalker, I chanced to send an email to him using his name and the company I thought he worked at (just guessed at the naming convention of their email addys), and lo and behold it worked! Got a response, and at least got some info. So that was pretty cool.

Job Situ:

Looks like its gonna happen! ZOMG. More details later!
Smashing Telly, (per the website) a hand edited collection of the best free, instantly available TV on the web. Not 30 second clips of a dog on a skateboard, or the millionth person to mime the Numa song, but full length programs. Smashing Telly, not Gimmick Telly.

Jolly good!
I am ringing in the new year with a flu bug! Yay! I blame Hubby for its transmission, he is just now getting over some buggy thing that had him down for about 3 weeks...I hope mine is not that long.

Went to visit Hubby's best friend from high school today, who lives with his partner in an exclusive gated community somewhere in the bowels of San Diego. Was a very pretty house in a (obviously) very nice neighborhood. M, as I shall call him gossiped about his neighbors...telling tales of the very nice 89 year old woman next door who could drink M under the table and out the door (apparently).

"Now when you come for cocktails darling, I only mean alcohol...I don't actually serve food." (M said she said)

We had a late lunch at a Chinese restaurant, and the conversation took an unexpected turn when I brought up the subject of Prince Alberts. Not an easy topic to discuss publicly I suppose, but one made easier by my ingestion of Nyquil.

Me: Yeah, so it was funky when [mutal aquaintance] got that thing on his *said in shushed voice* penis.

M: A what???

Me *looking around furtively: You know...his HOT DOG.

M: What are you talking about?

Me *exasperated: It's code for...bloody hell never mind.

Of course Hubby and M knew what I meant, they just like to give me a hard time....APPARENTLY.

Afterwards, spent evening watching "V For Vendetta", over the course of which I fell in love with M's gorgeous whippet dog Ranger, whom I cuddled all night.

So onto other news, since it being a new year, I am trying to come up with some resolutions. One, is being to lose weight (have put on holiday poundage, have started working out).

Two, is to write something of consequence this year. Even if it just a short story. Knowing myself, I tend to write well when I feel passionately about the subject. Apparently a romance is not it...not the typical kind anyways. It is definitely easier to write something that I've experienced, rather then making up a whole elaborate world. I'd like it to be something for the reader to get lost in though. To start and read and never look back. Guess I haven't found my niche yet.

Another thought here: I had a very interesting conversation with Uncle Deep Throat during Christmas at my sister's house.

"So, are you still writing that thing?" he asked.

"The blog? Oh yeah. Almost four years and running now."

"And you still don't feel weird about posting your secrets on the internet? I'm still not sure what a blog is."

"Its an online instrument you can write about anything. A particular subject matter, details from your life. You can make it as detailed or vague as you wish. Obviously I don't post my deep dark secrets on there."

"I don't know," he said. "It still seems a weird thing to me."

"Even lawyers blog! You know who Lawrence Lessig is?"

"Not as such."

(Score one for me for being more informed then Uncle Deep Throat is for once, since he is a lawyer :P. Petty? Most likely.) "He's a Stanford Law professor who blogs on law stuff."


We moved on to other topics...the conversation slowed as he began to lecture me on the glories of days at the beach spent with the children. I only nodded my assent and said "Of course, Uncle."

It made me think later of why I do keep on blogging. Almost 4 years! The answer is simple: it is a record of things going on in my life, and vehicle I use to write...anything...just simply write...keeps me mentally sane I think.

Here's to hoping everyone has a wonderful new year. Hopefully I will feel better soon. :p
I've been published online!

As promised, dear readers, here is the link. Very exciting!
I'm crazy about ginuea pigs apparently, and here is the all-star line up de notre familie:

FLUFFY: First ginuea pig we got, absolutely adorable, very gentle and loves to popcorn.

PATCHES: #2 gp, is a very loud complainer but makes the cute cooing noises when he is chowing down.

TRUFFLES: So yeah, got this cutie today. Apparently the "EITHER WE HAVE ANOTHER BABY OR WE'RE GETTING A GINUEA PIG NOW DAMMIT" argument didn't work on Hubby (one time only apparently)...so the game plan was to seductively run my finger up his chest and whisper sweet nothings in his ear. Here is the result:

Okay last post was a bit depressing I suppose. Overall it really was a great holidays though. I can't remember when I've enjoyed myself more. However, it's now 2007...I'm barely waking up...someone's drawn open the curtains and the bright light of 2007 is blazing in...

Anyways, here are a couple of interesting links:

-A new generation of non-war widows emerge...

-The Year in Culture: The Most Amazing--and Disappointing--Culture Events of 2006.

And Trish, here is the carmelized butternut squash recipe my sister used.

Will post more later!