Dim Sum Diaries
Have been faffing around the house, doing laundry, folding clothes, organizing house etc etc etc, so this entry is not so much a blog post as much as an eclectic collection of links I think is rock on!

Shit I Burn Time Doing Whilst Waiting To Hear About Job Situ:

--Am looking forward to WoW's Burning Crusade expansion pack...should be arriving overnight from amazon.com any minute now...

Number of Places Where We Have Had Hot Monkey Animal Sex:

Ha ha that got your attention! Seriously, here are the places...this is my favorite...

To Hubby's coworkers: just kidding!


--Miss Potter looks like a really good movie, but why the hell will they not play it in bloody San Diego? I have to drive all the way to Irvine if I want to see it. And in LA, its only playing at the "artsy-fartsy" theaters. Apparently only uncultured people live in mah neck of the woods...*sigh

--If you liked Shaun of the Dead, the same guys have a new movie coming out called Hot Fuzz. Here's a link to the trailer.

Cool Things:

Sean Pearce, the guy that wrote one of my fave warblogs, has recently re-emerged with a new space where he occasionally writes. I'm very happy about that. And of course I have the accompanying funny story about that, being a complete and utter stalker, I chanced to send an email to him using his name and the company I thought he worked at (just guessed at the naming convention of their email addys), and lo and behold it worked! Got a response, and at least got some info. So that was pretty cool.

Job Situ:

Looks like its gonna happen! ZOMG. More details later!