Dim Sum Diaries

Evolving List of 100 Things About Me

I'll add to this as I think of them...

1. I live in California.

2. My real name is not Mir. It comes from Miriya Parino, the kick ass female Zentraedi ace pilot from Robotech. I try not to bandy my real name about the internet, as I would like to remain somewhat anonymous.

3. I'm 2nd generation Chinese. My parents emigrated here and I am like totally Americanized.

4. I speak Cantonese with a Valley Girl accent, causing my Uncle Fei Fei to wince everytime he hears me speak conversationally.

5. I'm married and have two kids, Daughter is 6 and Son is 4.

6. I am an aspiring writer.

7. In a few months I will be laid off from my job. Then I'll become a stay at home mom...and the Dim Sum Diaries will become a Mommy blog!!!!

8. I'm 32 years old.

9. My most interesting memory from high school: I was on the track team (and not very athletic but it beats regular P.E.). We didn't have very many people on the track team that day for some reason, so I participated in many events. One was the hurdles, which I was not used to jumping/approaching, so instead of running and athletically jumping over them, I sort of hobbled over them. I came in last in that race.

9a. I also did the shotput (me with my skinny string bean arms), which was also my first time. After recieving instructions on how to throw the shotput, I threw it 19 1/2 inches, and won third place, beating another girl by half an inch. GLORY!

10. I love to read romances. And books about the current Gulf war/conflict and political/current affairs books.

11. I have a very quirky sense of humor.

12. I have one tatoo on my shoulder.

13. I get drunk off of 1/4 of a beer.

14. I am a somewhat dominating personality.

15. Much of the useless trivia I know comes from reading romances about historical matters, but has come in handy in several conversations in which I came off as brilliant and witty. :)

15. I think Hugh Jackman is a sexy bitch.

16. I've been married to Hubby for 9 years.

17. I graduated from college with a degree in Cultural Anthropology. Fascinating stuff but absolutely useless in terms of getting a real job.

18. My absolute favorite show in the whole widest world is The West Wing...before Aaron Sorkin left.

19. I absolutely adore Aaron Sorkin.

20. I like buying naughty gifts to the holiday family parties...so when there is a white elephant exchange...the older folks are completely scandalized. What is that sticking out of that cup???

21. I drive a 2003 Honda Civic hybrid. I get 50 mph to the gallon baby!

22. I like making lists.

23. One of these days, I would like to take a luxury dream trip to Europe. More specifically, England, Ireland and Scotland.

24. I am a Chinese lass with an Irish last name. It throws peeps off.