Dim Sum Diaries
I am ringing in the new year with a flu bug! Yay! I blame Hubby for its transmission, he is just now getting over some buggy thing that had him down for about 3 weeks...I hope mine is not that long.

Went to visit Hubby's best friend from high school today, who lives with his partner in an exclusive gated community somewhere in the bowels of San Diego. Was a very pretty house in a (obviously) very nice neighborhood. M, as I shall call him gossiped about his neighbors...telling tales of the very nice 89 year old woman next door who could drink M under the table and out the door (apparently).

"Now when you come for cocktails darling, I only mean alcohol...I don't actually serve food." (M said she said)

We had a late lunch at a Chinese restaurant, and the conversation took an unexpected turn when I brought up the subject of Prince Alberts. Not an easy topic to discuss publicly I suppose, but one made easier by my ingestion of Nyquil.

Me: Yeah, so it was funky when [mutal aquaintance] got that thing on his *said in shushed voice* penis.

M: A what???

Me *looking around furtively: You know...his HOT DOG.

M: What are you talking about?

Me *exasperated: It's code for...bloody hell never mind.

Of course Hubby and M knew what I meant, they just like to give me a hard time....APPARENTLY.

Afterwards, spent evening watching "V For Vendetta", over the course of which I fell in love with M's gorgeous whippet dog Ranger, whom I cuddled all night.

So onto other news, since it being a new year, I am trying to come up with some resolutions. One, is being to lose weight (have put on holiday poundage, have started working out).

Two, is to write something of consequence this year. Even if it just a short story. Knowing myself, I tend to write well when I feel passionately about the subject. Apparently a romance is not it...not the typical kind anyways. It is definitely easier to write something that I've experienced, rather then making up a whole elaborate world. I'd like it to be something for the reader to get lost in though. To start and read and never look back. Guess I haven't found my niche yet.

Another thought here: I had a very interesting conversation with Uncle Deep Throat during Christmas at my sister's house.

"So, are you still writing that thing?" he asked.

"The blog? Oh yeah. Almost four years and running now."

"And you still don't feel weird about posting your secrets on the internet? I'm still not sure what a blog is."

"Its an online instrument you can write about anything. A particular subject matter, details from your life. You can make it as detailed or vague as you wish. Obviously I don't post my deep dark secrets on there."

"I don't know," he said. "It still seems a weird thing to me."

"Even lawyers blog! You know who Lawrence Lessig is?"

"Not as such."

(Score one for me for being more informed then Uncle Deep Throat is for once, since he is a lawyer :P. Petty? Most likely.) "He's a Stanford Law professor who blogs on law stuff."


We moved on to other topics...the conversation slowed as he began to lecture me on the glories of days at the beach spent with the children. I only nodded my assent and said "Of course, Uncle."

It made me think later of why I do keep on blogging. Almost 4 years! The answer is simple: it is a record of things going on in my life, and vehicle I use to write...anything...just simply write...keeps me mentally sane I think.

Here's to hoping everyone has a wonderful new year. Hopefully I will feel better soon. :p