Dim Sum Diaries
Wow, I'm finally back. Its really nice to be in my own space again. Many things happened during this fateful vacation, some good, some not. However, all in all it was nice to spend some quality time with Lo-Gung (sans kids). I'd really like to thank Kyren for being a great guest blogger whilst I was gone. :)

We went to San Francisco, and stayed with my Aunt G. On the flight to SF I wore my Blogger hoodie (sent to me for free by Google when Blogger Pro became free for everyone). I thought there might be at least one other person in all of Northern California that would wear one too, since thats where those companies are ALL BASED. And did I see a single fellow bloggist sharin' da love by wearing said hoodie? Nada. Zip. Zilch. I did get some "omigod you are a nerd" looks, possibly, but I think that's it.

I still can't get over how addicted I am to the computer/blogging/internet access. Since the relatives didn't have reliable internet access, I was reduced to driving to the local Mac store to check my email.

My Aunt and Uncle are in their late '40's and are still rather hippy-ish in attitude and outlook. "So," Uncle M said casually as he spotted my Blogger hoodie. "What is that 'Blogger' sweatshirt all about?"

"I'm the Uni-Blogger," I quipped, trying to be funny. He didn't laugh. "You know, I have a blog. An online journal. A website?"

"You mean you write all your personal thoughts online? For everyone to read?" he said, horrified, as if I ran a porn site or something. "You don't use any real information, do you?"

"Obviously not," I said a little sarcastically. "In fact, I've written a few entries about you and Aunt G."

Now it was Aunt G's turn to be horrified. "What? Did you use our real names?"

I sighed. "No, Aunt G. I just used your initials. You know, like Aunt G and Uncle M. To protect your identities."

"So any conversation we have during this time may be written in your blog."

"Yup!" I grinned.

"Well do you think you could use better code names then Aunt G and Uncle M? That's so BORING," Aunt G said.

"I suppose I could rename Uncle M as Deep Throat," I suggested.

"I still can't believe you write an online journal," was all Deep Throat would say.