Dim Sum Diaries
So that job that I've been hinting about since last...what...November? It finally came through !!!! and I started this week (much to Hubby's relief since he apparently worries about money a lot). I have to say that I was a little nervous after being out of work for two years, but everyone seems really nice and it is very nice working from home. So here I sit, clad in sweats and giant fluffy pink robe, working at the computer all day...

Since I deal with change rather bumpily, I see the need to block time out to spend with kids, down time, time with Hubby, exercise, etc etc etc. Hope to become woman who perfectly manages her time extremely well...visions of myself furiously typing, creating tech manuals with one hand whilst kid is on my lap and I am reading to him/her. Doable? We'll see...

I decided to take the children for a walk this morning to spend time with them. Whilst strolling through the neighborhood, happened upon an unpleasant brown pile of yuckiness on the sidewalk.

"Look! Its scat!" Son cried, pointing to it excitedly.

Recoiled in horror and wondered for a moment on exactly how much Son knew about the German porn industry. Then I realized what he was talking about.

"Umm, how do you know that term?" I asked Son.

"Its the scientific word for poo," Daughter said in the smug, superior way only eldest sisters can manage to pull off. "I learned it from the Discovery Channel."

"I KNOW, Sister," Son replied, annoyed. "I was the one that said it FIRST, REMEMBER???"

Good times, indeed.