Dim Sum Diaries
I've been doing some redecorating around the house, and besides buying a shitload of artwork from etsy to hang all around...one type of genre, for lack of a better phrase, that I quite like is mid-century. Sounds a bit oldish and intimidating but for old farts like me, it means stuff from the 1950's and 1960's. How sad is that. Yeah. So its like 50ish style artwork, cheery and cute and stuff. One good example of this is the work of Labpartners, two San Francisco based designers who are a couple and create cute things together.

I just bought this set of prints and I plan on hanging it somewhere...just not sure where yet.

So then check this picture out:

Heather Armstrong from Dooce setup one of her walls this way and I really liked it, so I snagged the pic off her site to use as a reference (I can't remember or find the link tho). I'd like to do something similar to the family room so I ordered 4 square beveled mirrors from Target...but I wanted to use prints that were interesting and would make people talk about them. So remember what I said about mid-century? So I really dig the work of this other designer, named Frank Chimero. He designed a set of prints that are illustrations in the shape of the 50 states...here is an example of LA:

So I snapped up 6 of those from his shop and will be hanging them similarly to Dooce (I'm such a copycat). I think he is going to be selling some design-themed posters soon too, so I can hang them on my office wall and act all snotty and shit. Here's one to end the blog post with...

And why do I blog about this? Because you, dear reader are my captive audience and since the mind control worked you guys like my blog and keep coming back for more, I can!!!! ;)
I've really been on this 70s kick lately, don't ask me why. So much so that I even indulged in a handbag from one of my favorite etsy sellers, Garbagebag. Doesn't that green just scream 70s? But I love it, its comfortable and it suits me at the moment, so that's what I'm going with. Hubby has remarked how unlike myself I've been lately. Whereas I used to strive to dress like CJ Cregg from The West Wing (conservative, tasteful, dignified etc) now I'm happily wearing costume jewelery and hair bows and god forbid DRESSES. Very strange from a girl who has been a tomboy all her life. I'm not sure how to explain it, but if I try to perm my hair into an Afro, someone shoot me please.

Graduating with a degree in Cultural Anthropology hasn't been the easiest thing to translate into a stable career that pays decently and is satisfying. The smarty engineering science gene skipped me and went to my younger sister. Did I mention all my cousins on my dad's side are either doctors or lawyers? Work has been going well, and since I've expanded into doing graphic design work, I guess I can call myself a freelance graphic designer now. Am going to a party next week where all these aforementioned cousins will be attending (haven't seen them in years), and though it seems a bit on the shallow side, feel glad I finally have something I can present that is solid (in terms of me doing something with my life besides being a married mom of 2). Oh yeah and I'm gonna wear a dress.

I wish I was this creative. :p

From Reality Bites Back, Bert has to convince a chick to sleep with him under night vision camera, not knowing that his intended audience is his mom.
Or should I say a cat and his man. Animated shorts, each one very cute and funny!

So I think I mentioned I quit playing World of Warcraft awhile ago. Quit. Cold turkey. Hadn't realized how immersive (is that a word?) and time consuming it was to maintain the status quo in WoW. Either you leveling up your char to 70, PvPing like mad to get that next great piece of gear, raiding some high level dungeon or even just farming (herb picking at 4 am in Ungoro anyone?) or doing dailies. Mayhap I tend to have an obsessive personality, when I get into something, I REALLY GET INTO IT.

For example, I decided to rearrange certain areas of the house to make them more efficient, pretty or what not. When Hubby mentioned he needed more closet space for his ever growing collection of business suits, I walked resolutely into our walk-in closet and stared at it for at least an hour as I pondered how to give Hubby a bit more real estate. First came the recycling of the hangers that must've all had sex with each other when I wasn't looking and multiplied into 5 BIJILLION empty hangers we had taking up space. Like rabbits. Then clothes I hadn't worn in years, that were appropriately conservative for living and working in DC in 1993 but made me look like I dressed like a grandma when I came back to live in the West Coast and now 15 years later still look make me look like a grandma. And Hubby's collection of 80s jumpers. That was like 7-8 huge bags of clothing to be given to charity. I then proceeded to reorganize my perfumes and jewelery and nail polishes from the last 20 years. Then I had to dust everything, and reoil all my leather purses to make sure they didn't dry out. I knew I might've passed the line from casual reorganization to frenzied desperation when I started buying prints to hang in the closet, because wouldn't they look so cute next to my newly arranged collection of makeup from 1999 that I never threw away?

Trying to lose about 7 lbs as my current mini-goal in my overall plan to rule the world. I go to amazon.com to check out fitness videos and you tell me, dear reader...which one should I choose?

A classic? OR should I swing the other way...

Though if sales figures tell me anything, in the

"#1 in Movies & TV > Fitness & Yoga > By Instructor > Carmen Electra"

the latter video is a top seller...
Remember the wounded Iraq war vet (severely injured, had to have major reconstructive surgery) and his girlfriend who stayed with him and they got married? The State of Illinois declared their wedding day a state holiday. What happened a year later? Read the story here. via.

If you are feeling peckish and PMS'y, what do you do? Why you use your feminine wiles to trick Hubby into making a late night run to the market for the ingredients for lovely Nigella Lawson's Caramel Croissant Pudding, of course!!!!!! And then you get him to cook it for you too!! Then you get to eat half and have the most delicious foodgasm!!! I don't know how that Nigella eats all that shit without weighing 1000 lbs. I am so going to regret this tomorrow, but for now, the sugar rush and the good feeling I get from eating all that heavy cream is totally WORTH IT.

Kick ass Bollywood routine from SYTYCD!

Happy Fourth, y'all!