Dim Sum Diaries
I've been doing some redecorating around the house, and besides buying a shitload of artwork from etsy to hang all around...one type of genre, for lack of a better phrase, that I quite like is mid-century. Sounds a bit oldish and intimidating but for old farts like me, it means stuff from the 1950's and 1960's. How sad is that. Yeah. So its like 50ish style artwork, cheery and cute and stuff. One good example of this is the work of Labpartners, two San Francisco based designers who are a couple and create cute things together.

I just bought this set of prints and I plan on hanging it somewhere...just not sure where yet.

So then check this picture out:

Heather Armstrong from Dooce setup one of her walls this way and I really liked it, so I snagged the pic off her site to use as a reference (I can't remember or find the link tho). I'd like to do something similar to the family room so I ordered 4 square beveled mirrors from Target...but I wanted to use prints that were interesting and would make people talk about them. So remember what I said about mid-century? So I really dig the work of this other designer, named Frank Chimero. He designed a set of prints that are illustrations in the shape of the 50 states...here is an example of LA:

So I snapped up 6 of those from his shop and will be hanging them similarly to Dooce (I'm such a copycat). I think he is going to be selling some design-themed posters soon too, so I can hang them on my office wall and act all snotty and shit. Here's one to end the blog post with...

And why do I blog about this? Because you, dear reader are my captive audience and since the mind control worked you guys like my blog and keep coming back for more, I can!!!! ;)