Dim Sum Diaries
So I think I mentioned I quit playing World of Warcraft awhile ago. Quit. Cold turkey. Hadn't realized how immersive (is that a word?) and time consuming it was to maintain the status quo in WoW. Either you leveling up your char to 70, PvPing like mad to get that next great piece of gear, raiding some high level dungeon or even just farming (herb picking at 4 am in Ungoro anyone?) or doing dailies. Mayhap I tend to have an obsessive personality, when I get into something, I REALLY GET INTO IT.

For example, I decided to rearrange certain areas of the house to make them more efficient, pretty or what not. When Hubby mentioned he needed more closet space for his ever growing collection of business suits, I walked resolutely into our walk-in closet and stared at it for at least an hour as I pondered how to give Hubby a bit more real estate. First came the recycling of the hangers that must've all had sex with each other when I wasn't looking and multiplied into 5 BIJILLION empty hangers we had taking up space. Like rabbits. Then clothes I hadn't worn in years, that were appropriately conservative for living and working in DC in 1993 but made me look like I dressed like a grandma when I came back to live in the West Coast and now 15 years later still look make me look like a grandma. And Hubby's collection of 80s jumpers. That was like 7-8 huge bags of clothing to be given to charity. I then proceeded to reorganize my perfumes and jewelery and nail polishes from the last 20 years. Then I had to dust everything, and reoil all my leather purses to make sure they didn't dry out. I knew I might've passed the line from casual reorganization to frenzied desperation when I started buying prints to hang in the closet, because wouldn't they look so cute next to my newly arranged collection of makeup from 1999 that I never threw away?