Dim Sum Diaries
Lo-Gung takes the kiddies to Best Buy. The kids immediately comandeer the microphone to the karaoke machine. Much to the delight of other shoppers and to the horror of Lo-Gung...

Daughter, aged 5 (at the top of her lungs): I LOOOOOOOOOVVVEEEEE YOOOOUUUU DADDDDYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Son aged 3 (at the top of his lungs): COOOOO-KOOOOO-CLOOCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!


Mir drives home after a shopping spree. She calls Lo-Gung on her cell phone.

Lo-Gung: Hey, did you buy a new dress for our Valentine Day's dinner?

Mir: I did get something. Its beautiful. Its white, filmy and very feminine. AND its see-through too.

Lo-Gung: reaLLLY? *cough cough* I mean really.

Mir: Oh yeah baby. Its gorgeous.

Lo-Gung: Why must you be so cruel to me?

Men are so gullible.