Dim Sum Diaries
Just a quick post today. Blogmadness continues and it is a critical round. So if you would take the time to read the entries and vote, then it would be much appreciated.

I went to this new Mac store that opened near me recently. It is so cool. I bought some compy cleaner (the only one endorsed by Apple apparently) and the Mac version of Neverwinter Nights. I am this lawful good human Paladin. But I forget her name. Its a pretty good game so far!!

So I start avidly playing and Lo-Gung, who is sooooo jealous cuz he's only playing his wife has a newer game then me Baldur's Gate 2. He's standing behind me as I'm fiddling around with it, talking to one of the NPC's. I suddenly let out a huge gasp.

"OMG! Bim's voice is the voice of Cam Clarke!" I said reverently. "Did you know he was the voice of Max on Robotech??? He is one of the most prolific and successful voiceover artists..."

Lo-Gung sighed. "Yes dear, I know. You've been telling me this since 1992. Why don't you just enjoy the game?"

I rolled my eyes at him. "Yes, dear," I replied in a tone that denoted we'd been married for almost nine years and knew each other only too well.

So anyways, the game rocks so far.