Dim Sum Diaries
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BTW, Dan & Kate are coming back. I am entering a romance writing contest sponsored by a local RWA chapter. Am in the process of making extensive revisions. I'll keep you posted.

I'm gonna see if I can wheedle Cyc-ie-Wickie into drawing a faux romance book cover...Dan standing tall...all noble and handsome...Kate...beautiful, smart, sexy and looking passionately into his eyes...but knowing Cyc, he'll draw them super-deformed (chibi) style. Hee hee. That would be funny. I also still can't think of a proper title...I'm thinking "Return to Me"...but wasn't that a movie w/ Minnie Driver and David Ducovhny? Or how about "The Warrior and The Princess Lawyer" (seriously I would never name it that)...I'll keep thinking...