Dim Sum Diaries
I'm hooked on blogging. Its really weird. Originally I intended to post one witty and intelligent post (yeah I know I'm famous for those). Then I'd wait demurely for a few days, letting the seven readers of DSD FULLY SOAK in the brilliance of said entry. Yeah, that was the plan. Instead...INSTEAD...I'm posting every day. I have something to say every day. And it may not necessarily be funny or clever either.


Maybe its just cuz I like exposing the slaves rt.com chat guys to the romance genre in literature. I can then point and laugh at them...ha ha!!! You read a romance...you have a feminine side...ha ha ha ha!!!!!

So anyways, here is what happened yesterday. I took el kiddos to their swim lessons at the local YMCA. The reason I like that organization so much is because their swim program runs like a well oiled machine. And the kids like it...so that's why.

Anyways, whilst watching the kiddies splash about, I was sitting in the bleachers with four or five other soccer moms. They were obviously all friends and were chatting with each other. I kind of felt like the odd mom out. I don't really "hang" with any other moms...

SM #1 to another SM: Oh yeah, I had dinner with Claire yesterday...and she was telling me about this project that she is going to do...oh you mean she didn't mention it to you? Tsk. Tsk. Oh, too bad.

All conversation ceased, however as soon as one of the swim instructors stepped out. He had just finished his class and changed back into regular clothes. His bohemian hair was a little on the longish side, but his sleekly muscled physique was an eyecatcher whilst he was teaching his class.

"Hi, Chas!!!" the soccer moms chorused in unison. I started in surprise. Then the soccer moms began to pepper him with questions about their kids.

Man, maybe I should've worked at the YMCA when I was a youngun. The swim teachers and lifeguards move with easy such grace, implicitly confident in their youth and athletic prowess. Sigh. Oh to be young again.