Dim Sum Diaries
I told myself if I've been doing really well on the dieting thing (lost 13 lbs so far woo hoo!) then I would treat myself to something cool. Which I have...this pretty cool purse which is black (matches with everything), is decidedly non-diaperbag looking (a good thing) and is trendy (yet inexpensive!).

Which will be great then because I can take it along with me when Hubby and I go on our early anniversary vacation next month...with an early Happy Anniversary from my 'Rents, who graciously let us cash in some of their frequent flier miles for the free airline tickets.

"So where are you going to go?" Dad asked. "You can pick anywhere in the U.S.!"

Hubby's only request was that it not be too metro (big city), and I'd snottily declared that I would rather not visit any red state. So West Coast was out, cuz we live there, so was FL (honeymooned there) and pretty much the midwest. I've lived in DC, been to Boston, NY was too urban for Hubby. Oh the tough choices one must make!

Finally after reading a Fromer's review, decided to try Vermont. Not too urban, is not a red state and oh the leaf peeping! May make a run to NH, much history and culture to be checked out there, as well as the fact as its the fictional birthplace of President Bartlett in the West Wing.

Pictures From My Cousin's Wedding In San Fran

At the Palace of Fine Arts in SF:

The radiant couple just after vows:

Lion Dance at the Chinese Banquet:

Ma Familie:
Do you guys remember that show Thirtysomething? It aired during my teen years, but I never paid much attention to it. "Bunch of bloody adults running around being so bloody emo," I sneered, thumbing my nose at it. However, twenty some odd years later, I have to retract that statement. Apparently there is a lot to be emo about in one's thirtysomething years. Besides the fact that I have to stick my bare boob on a cold metal plate and have x-ray particles shot at it (mammogram), wonder if I'm being a good mom and spending enough time with my kids, juggling work, housework, marriage. Or encounter situations where I'm like omg, I'm not a kid anymore. I help, protect and comfort as an adult...or as best as I can now anyways...make decisions that affect other people's lives, not just my kids or husband but my mom, dad, sister. Still a bit disconcerting at times. A magic wand that easily makes it all better would not be an unwelcome thing, but is, alas, not reality.

Lots of things going on now I wish I could blog about, but choose not to...to lay it all bare (not my boob) which might have a cathartic effect, but won't.

I did visit the OB/GYN recently tho (who helpfully ordered the mammogram for me because I'M BLOODY 35 NOW AND OF THAT AGE WHERE ONE MUST GET A MAMMOGRAM), who said I must lose more weight because the scale in doc's office is made of lead and I weigh a bit more then I should. She recommended Weight Watchers...her friends and some patients who have had some success with losing weight and keeping it off. Enrolled in the online tracking thingy where you have a certain # of points to spend a day and food is classified according to points (calories/fat/dietary fiber). Have tried it for several days so far and it's pretty cool. It's all about portion control, so I'm not restricted to eating, say, only proteins. The only bitch (but you get used to it) is that you have to have the nutritional information for the food you eat and enter everything you eat in the tracker. The only problem I see with this is if I eat at a Chinese restaurant (you know the kind your parents eat at). If I tried to ask for the nutritional info there, I'm sure I'd get a blank stare.


Anyways, switching topics, here are some interesting links:

--Find The Star, a mini-game where you have to...umm...find the star. Very cute and nice way to not work. :)

--Minesweeper: The Movie. What happens at 999? Nothing. You just suck.

This girl has the best technique imo!
Decided to treat myself to an hour reflexology foot massage at the local nail spa. It was very nice (and all I could do not to purr like a cat when the Chinese masseuse guy worked the problem areas). There was a Chinese reflexology foot roadmap charty thing (which part of the foot corresponds with which part of the body) thoughtfully provided by the Economic Commission of Guangzhou. Am a little puzzled as my problem areas (which masseuse kept pointing to repeatedly) were my "descending colon" and "penis".

More later.