Dim Sum Diaries
I told myself if I've been doing really well on the dieting thing (lost 13 lbs so far woo hoo!) then I would treat myself to something cool. Which I have...this pretty cool purse which is black (matches with everything), is decidedly non-diaperbag looking (a good thing) and is trendy (yet inexpensive!).

Which will be great then because I can take it along with me when Hubby and I go on our early anniversary vacation next month...with an early Happy Anniversary from my 'Rents, who graciously let us cash in some of their frequent flier miles for the free airline tickets.

"So where are you going to go?" Dad asked. "You can pick anywhere in the U.S.!"

Hubby's only request was that it not be too metro (big city), and I'd snottily declared that I would rather not visit any red state. So West Coast was out, cuz we live there, so was FL (honeymooned there) and pretty much the midwest. I've lived in DC, been to Boston, NY was too urban for Hubby. Oh the tough choices one must make!

Finally after reading a Fromer's review, decided to try Vermont. Not too urban, is not a red state and oh the leaf peeping! May make a run to NH, much history and culture to be checked out there, as well as the fact as its the fictional birthplace of President Bartlett in the West Wing.