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Switching Over To The Goddess of Writing Now...

Can we say, ob-sess-shon? Lisa Kleypas just posted a new excerpt of her upcoming book, Autumn Velvet. Plus, she posted another mini-excerpt at the BBS I haunt. I'm posting the mini-excerpt here so it'll never get lost and I can re-read it endlessly...

Excerpt from Autumn Velvet (a scene that takes place the day after the straight-laced Westcliff spontaneously kisses headstrong heiress Lillian Bowman)

<< Reading discomfort in her sudden silence, and mistaking the cause, Westcliff spoke gruffly. "Miss Bowman, I must apologize for what happened earlier today. I am at a loss to explain my behavior, other than to state that it was a moment of insanity that will never be repeated."

Lillian stiffened a little at the word "insanity". "Fine," she said. "I accept your apology."

"You may set your mind at ease with the knowledge that I do not find you desirable in any way whatsoever. If the two of us were left alone on a desert island, I would have absolutely no thought of approaching you."

"I understand. Enough said, my lord."

"I just want to make it clear that what I did was a complete aberration. You are not the kind of woman whom I would ever be attracted to. In fact--"

"You've made yourself quite clear," Lillian interrupted with a scowl, thinking that it was undoubtedly the most annoying apology she had ever received. "However . . . as my father always says, an honest apology comes with a price."

Westcliff shot her an alert glance. "Price?"

The air between them crackled with challenge. "Yes, my lord. It's no trouble for you to mouth a few words and then be done with it, is it? But if you were truly sorry for what you did, you would try to make amends."

"All I did was kiss you," he protested, as if she were making far too much of the incident.

"Against my will," Lillian said significantly. She adopted an expression of wounded dignity. "Perhaps there are some women who would welcome your romantic attentions, but I am not one of them. And I am not accustomed to being grabbed and forcefully subjected to kisses that I didn't ask for–"

"You participated," Westcliff retorted, wearing a Hades-like grimace.

"I did not!"

"You–" Seeming to realize that it was a unproductive argument, Westcliff broke off and swore.

"But," Lillian continued sweetly, "I might be willing to forgive and forget . . . If you would do one small thing for me.">>