Dim Sum Diaries
I've been trying to be economical and thrifty with funds lately...since work is kind of slow...that means eating at home more. I just read this article on Clara Cannucciari, who shares some of her Depression era recipes via youtube. She's very sweet and lovely, and reminds me a bit of my own paternal grandmother (only not Chinese). I can totally see myself making this recipe...Peas With Pasta...

Via Pica + Pixel, a lovely stop motion video by Oren Lavie for your perusal.

Here are some things that I thought were funny/cool today....

Via Ultrasparky, the I Can Read Movie Series, these imaginary paperback novelizations of hit movies are so beautiful and mid-century perfect they bring a tear to my eye (italics a direct quote from Ultrasparky).

This one made me laugh.


Sick of people stealing your brown bag lunch from the breakroom at work? Use these anti-theft lunchbags (via)!

The bags are stained to look they have mold on them (but it's fake obviously) to deter those lunch robbers! Very cute imo, I should buy some for my kids to traumatize their friends at school.