Dim Sum Diaries
Here is an interesting article that discusses the relationship between exercise and losing weight. Mayhap it's not so much exercise, but our eating habits that tips the scales (ooh that was a good pun eh??).

Probably not a good idea, then to post that pic of naan bread, which I really had a craving for and just had to buy some from the local Indian take-away place.

Also had the chance to read American Born Chinese, a graphic novel by Gene Yang. I first heard about it from Angry Asian Man, and seeing a copy of it available at Frye's, I bought it. Yang takes three seemingly separate story lines (one about a young Asian boy coping with school, one about the monkey king and one about a Caucasian kid with an embarrassing Chinese cousin (who is the ultimate personification of the negative Chinese stereotype) who visits him yearly) and skillfully weaves them together. I'm not usually a big fan of graphic novels, but this one is very well done, I must say.

Also, here are some cool things I'll be watching out for in October:

Mine Till Midnight, the latest novel by Lisa Kleypas. It's Lisa Kleypas! She wrote another book! She's the best! Nuff said. Available October 2, 2007.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip comes out on DVD Oct 16, 2007.
Via Kottke, the UK Guardian has an extensive, neato mosquito list of authors and the rooms they write in (including photos and a description). I'd like to think everyone has a designated space to get away and be alone with their thoughts, whether it be to read, write or daydream.

I'd post more, but I'm dead tired (mentally) and need a day to just chill.
Here are some books I've acquired recently and am in the process of reading.

I, Lucifer by Glen Duncan: The Prince of Darkness has been challenged---live life as a good person on earth and he can re-enter Heaven. Its a fascinating premise and the subtly witty style with which Glen Duncan writes had me laughing from page 1. Okay I'm only on page 2, but man I was laughing for that whole first page before I got tired and went to bed!! Lucifer's voice in my head is absotively Rupert Everett for this book...sly, sexy with a hint of naughty. I'll let you know how it progresses.

Last Night I Dreamed of Peace by Dang Thuy Tram: I blogged about this before, so read the summary in that previous blog post. :p Random House's website on the book here.

But more importantly, it was translated by Andrew X. Pham, who wrote one of my faves, Catfish & Mandala. Mr. Pham, whom I'll dub Mr. Elusive and hearkens us back to the pre-internet age where the only way I could find if a book was published by a particular author was to repeatedly stalk the bookstore every week and bug the clerks incessantly about upcoming release info. Thankfully, the restraining order has been lifted and I am now free to go back to B&N. :p

So anyways, we find that Andrew X. Pham now lives in Hawaii and has a forthcoming book called The Eaves of Heaven: A Life in Three Wars. No info on amazon.com yet, but I'll let y'all know as soon as I find out anything.

Also I ordered Stardust by Neil Gaiman, just because I liked the movie so much.

And I had to get a romance in as well. Recently "discovered" Sabrina Jeffries, her books are very refreshing...with a strong hero and heroine and a lot of research goes into the period she writes about (Victorian England, if there is ever any Jeopardy question on Victorian England and I'm on the show and I get it right and I win $1mill its because I've remembered the answer from a Sabrina Jeffries book). She writes love scenes very well too...one memorable one being from Never Seduce a Scoundrel involving an American Major Lucas Winter, Lady Amelia Plume, a ship, a silk scarf and Major Winter describing to Amelia in intimate detail how corsairs seduce their captives. :D *fans self furiously

More later :)
Well if anyone needed to get away for a couple of hours, indulging oneself in adventure, comedy, romance and all that good stuff, then I heartily recommend seeing Stardust! It's a great movie and I enjoyed it soooo much. A bit like Princess Bride, but with a bit more adult content. Michelle Pfieffer is priceless as the evil witch...what can I say, go see it!

Oh wait but then this gives me the chance to post some pics from Princess Bride, wait...here's a nice kissy pic here:

Wait! I have to post another one now...Cary Elwes is tres sexy...

OK wait just one more here:

Buttercup is wearing the prettiest crown, and if I was ever a princess, then that would be the crown I'd want. And I just have to mention that its an even prettier crown then the one Claire Daines wears in the end...but thats me. :)

In Which I Blog About Weight Loss AGAIN and Other Stuff

Oh and BTW, dsd.com might've been offline for a few days, I forgot to renew the domain name etc, but it should be all good now. Sorry about the inconvenience.

I'm a bit surprised at the success I've had using Weight Watcher's Online. Since joining at the beginning of August, have lost 16.5 lbs, this weight was previously and unexpectantly gained as a result of stress and a three week Lemon Passion Cake binge (had one practically every night) from Macaroni Grill. I mean its citrus cake soaked in a sweet cream, topped with lemon mousse and finished off with fresh Italian whipped cream and caramel. How can you resist? But then you drag your fat ole ass to the doctor, and its blood pressure, risk for heart disease blah blah blah. She recommends WW.

Not that I was hideously overweight or anything. But then your family makes comments when they see you...

"Mir, you look so...plump..." Mom says diplomatically.

"OK you gotta not eat so much, not good to be so fat," was Dad's even more diplomatic comment.

"Damn your boobs got HUGE!" adds Sis.

Thus I was motivated to get the weight off.

So, I'll keep at it. But have realized a few things about this experience:

1) Anything made with cheese is evil.
2) It's hard to translate Asian food into "points".
3) Damn I used to really eat a lot of food during a meal.

So with my last weigh-in this last Monday, WW (Weight Watchers online food tracker thingy) says Congrats, you've come so far! Your daily nutritional intake should now be re-evaulated!!

I was like YES THAT MEANS A FREE TRIP TO ONION RING PALACE! Sadly this was not to be the case, I got the daily points intake reduced by one point. Bloody hell. Still, I can eat light for breakfast and lunch and indulge in one half of these babies tonight...PORK KATSUDON!

In other news, school has started and Son is finally in first grade, which means both kids are finally on the same school schedule and I have more free time for work, etc. Son has started karate, which he has taken to ki-yahing like a fish in water and even enjoys piano lessons (the first one anyways). Daughter is taking horse riding lessons now, and the ease and confidence with which she moves through the stable, grooming and tacking the horse BY HERSELF, and is cantering on the horse...is simply eye-popping.

Are children supposed to grow up so fast???

Anyways tonight after PORK KATSUDON FEST 2007, will curl up with a good book and enjoy the cool summer breeze (finally).