Dim Sum Diaries
Here is an interesting article that discusses the relationship between exercise and losing weight. Mayhap it's not so much exercise, but our eating habits that tips the scales (ooh that was a good pun eh??).

Probably not a good idea, then to post that pic of naan bread, which I really had a craving for and just had to buy some from the local Indian take-away place.

Also had the chance to read American Born Chinese, a graphic novel by Gene Yang. I first heard about it from Angry Asian Man, and seeing a copy of it available at Frye's, I bought it. Yang takes three seemingly separate story lines (one about a young Asian boy coping with school, one about the monkey king and one about a Caucasian kid with an embarrassing Chinese cousin (who is the ultimate personification of the negative Chinese stereotype) who visits him yearly) and skillfully weaves them together. I'm not usually a big fan of graphic novels, but this one is very well done, I must say.

Also, here are some cool things I'll be watching out for in October:

Mine Till Midnight, the latest novel by Lisa Kleypas. It's Lisa Kleypas! She wrote another book! She's the best! Nuff said. Available October 2, 2007.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip comes out on DVD Oct 16, 2007.