Dim Sum Diaries
Well if anyone needed to get away for a couple of hours, indulging oneself in adventure, comedy, romance and all that good stuff, then I heartily recommend seeing Stardust! It's a great movie and I enjoyed it soooo much. A bit like Princess Bride, but with a bit more adult content. Michelle Pfieffer is priceless as the evil witch...what can I say, go see it!

Oh wait but then this gives me the chance to post some pics from Princess Bride, wait...here's a nice kissy pic here:

Wait! I have to post another one now...Cary Elwes is tres sexy...

OK wait just one more here:

Buttercup is wearing the prettiest crown, and if I was ever a princess, then that would be the crown I'd want. And I just have to mention that its an even prettier crown then the one Claire Daines wears in the end...but thats me. :)