Dim Sum Diaries

In Which I Blog About Weight Loss AGAIN and Other Stuff

Oh and BTW, dsd.com might've been offline for a few days, I forgot to renew the domain name etc, but it should be all good now. Sorry about the inconvenience.

I'm a bit surprised at the success I've had using Weight Watcher's Online. Since joining at the beginning of August, have lost 16.5 lbs, this weight was previously and unexpectantly gained as a result of stress and a three week Lemon Passion Cake binge (had one practically every night) from Macaroni Grill. I mean its citrus cake soaked in a sweet cream, topped with lemon mousse and finished off with fresh Italian whipped cream and caramel. How can you resist? But then you drag your fat ole ass to the doctor, and its blood pressure, risk for heart disease blah blah blah. She recommends WW.

Not that I was hideously overweight or anything. But then your family makes comments when they see you...

"Mir, you look so...plump..." Mom says diplomatically.

"OK you gotta not eat so much, not good to be so fat," was Dad's even more diplomatic comment.

"Damn your boobs got HUGE!" adds Sis.

Thus I was motivated to get the weight off.

So, I'll keep at it. But have realized a few things about this experience:

1) Anything made with cheese is evil.
2) It's hard to translate Asian food into "points".
3) Damn I used to really eat a lot of food during a meal.

So with my last weigh-in this last Monday, WW (Weight Watchers online food tracker thingy) says Congrats, you've come so far! Your daily nutritional intake should now be re-evaulated!!

I was like YES THAT MEANS A FREE TRIP TO ONION RING PALACE! Sadly this was not to be the case, I got the daily points intake reduced by one point. Bloody hell. Still, I can eat light for breakfast and lunch and indulge in one half of these babies tonight...PORK KATSUDON!

In other news, school has started and Son is finally in first grade, which means both kids are finally on the same school schedule and I have more free time for work, etc. Son has started karate, which he has taken to ki-yahing like a fish in water and even enjoys piano lessons (the first one anyways). Daughter is taking horse riding lessons now, and the ease and confidence with which she moves through the stable, grooming and tacking the horse BY HERSELF, and is cantering on the horse...is simply eye-popping.

Are children supposed to grow up so fast???

Anyways tonight after PORK KATSUDON FEST 2007, will curl up with a good book and enjoy the cool summer breeze (finally).