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Artistic Temperament Runs In The Family...Apparently...

Since Lo-Gung is whitebread and I'm Chinese (and gorgeous to boot ha ha ha), we've spawned two beautiful children that are a blend of our two races. However, it seems that his genes have trumped mine in many areas. Both look more like Lo-Gung and have inherited his fine, wavy, dark brown hair. Son does look a little more Asian though.

Both little stinkers however, have inherited many aspects of the best and worst of my personality. Both are decidedly stubborn and don't like to be told what to do. I was reminded of how much my daughter (we'll call her P) is like me personality wise yesterday...

Flashback to two days ago, evening...

Lo-Gung is in the office and I am about to go to bed (have to get up early for work). Our bedroom and the office share a common wall. I knock on the wall to get his attention.

Me: Honey!!!!! I need your manly self!!!!!!

Lo-Gung (appearing at the door): Yes dear?

Me: Come here for a minute.

Lo-Gung: Do you need me to set your alarm clock again?

Me: Yes, but I also want you to read my latest writing and tell me what you think.

Lo-Gung (resigned): Okay...

Me: Well?

Lo-Gung: Its good. I like it.

Me: You liked it? Tell me exactly why you like it. Which part did you like? And what did you think about this sentence here? Tell me everything that you are thinking right now!!!

Lo-Gung: Calgon, take me away!!!!

Fast forward to after kid's swim class yesterday...

P: Mommy! Did you see me swim? I even jumped off the diving board by myself!!

Me: Yes. You did a very good job. You are a good swimmer.

P: Did you see me waving to you just before I jumped?

Me: Yes.

P: Okay Mommy, now was that the first jump when I waved to you? Or the second jump? Because I didn't see you looking at me on the second jump. Which jump did you like better?

Me: I liked all of them.

P: Tell me everything you are thinking now!!!

Me: ...

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