Dim Sum Diaries
I am sooooo glad its Friday. I just want to relax and spend time at home and not have to think about work or anything stressful.

So I had jury duty yesterday. I think I will talk about it in limited detail because some parts of it were pretty funny (well funny as in Mir tends to dramatize things slightly). I was so happy to not go to work, to be able to do something for my state, my country, for my belief in the system. I AM SUPPORTING DEMOCRACY!!! So said the judge in his opening remarks to the jury pool. I was more then happy to support democracy. I just needed a cup of coffee first.

I brought my laptop (aka Prisca). I wanted to get some writing in while waiting to be called. Luckily they let laptops in, so I joined a few others in what I call "the lappy group". We were the smug group who tapped importantly into our keyboards, pretending that we were doing some great works of importance. Or maybe that was just me. Anyways, there was this distinguished older gentlemen sitting across from me, working on his Dell. He was wearing a suit...and by glancing at the papers he was shuffling around...it looked like he was a lawyer of some type. He was cool. He would "watch" Prisca when I had to go to the restroom and vice versa.

A few hours later, 35 of us were called to go to this certain courtroom to be "selected". I was all excited about it. Don't ask me why. I'm a dork. So I get out of the elevator and walked towards the courtroom. On my way, I spot a young man dressed up in his brown Marine uniform. My first thought is num nums at 2:00 high!!!!!!, oh look, there is a young man who is a member of our armed services. It turns out he was the defendant in an alleged assault case. That's all I'll say about case specifics.

When we were all seated, somewhere in the back of my mind, I kept expecting the signature Law & Order dum-DUM when the bailiff called the room to order. It didn't. -_-

"This is voir dire," the judge told us.

I nodded sagely to the prospective juror next to me. "Its a preliminary examination of prospective jurors or witnesses under oath to determine their competence or suitability," I informed her. "I've seen this countless times on Law & Order." Okay, I didn't really say that but I was still all smug about knowing what voir dire was.

So they picked 18 people and sat them down in the jury box. Older distinguished gentlemen with the laptop that I mentioned earlier was picked and when they began questioning him, it turned out he was a prominent local judge. The exchange between him and the presiding judge in this case was quite humorous.

Laptop Buddy aka Prominent Local Judge: I'm not sure I can "discuss" the case with a jury as per the jury instructions. You see, since I am a judge, I make up my own mind and then that's it. So that is why I am excused from so many juries.

Presiding Judge: My goodness, that must present an interesting conundrum for you.

Laptop Buddy aka Prominent Local Judge: It does. You do understand. Thank you, your Honor.

Presiding Judge: No, thank you, your Honor.

So then I'm like, hey!!! When is it my turn to be called!!! They finally called me as a potential because many were already kicked to the curb. Maybe I looked too eager to be a juror. Or maybe they secretly knew how eager I was to incorporate the phrase THE PERP!!! into my rambling diatribe about my life (but I didn't). Because in the end, I was thanked for my service and dismissed.

Thus ended my day of jury duty.