Dim Sum Diaries
Sometimes I fall into a funk and wonder what the point of everything is...besides worrying about bills and whether the world is going to hell in a handbasket etc etc etc....I've decided that making a list of little things that make me happy lately...might you know...help make me happy...

1. Eating an entire chocolate cake.

2. Doing 25 minutes of Yoga before I start work.

3. Having a cuddle with one of my kids.

4. Expanding my creativity...perusing blogs and such to find new projects I can try.

5. Getting a back massage by Hubbs.

6. Snuggling in bed with an extremely good book.

Yep, I guess its the simple things that keep me sane. Especially being more crafty...I'm about to ask Hubby to get me a sewing machine for Mother's Day. Then I am going to buy this lovely skirt kit and try to make one for myself.

I have to give credit to Yumptatious for giving me the idea. BTW, check out her awesome etsy shop if you get the chance.
After this last project, I've been getting twitchy to make something else...have been trying to come up with ideas as to what I could make. Should I buy a sewing machine (I don't know how to use one though)? Should I die my hair blonde and wear preppy clothes and become the next Martha Stewart?

I'm not patient of a person...and I have the attention span of a 3 year old at times. So I'm going to experiment with a few things (sock monkeys!) and see what I can come up with. I will keep y'all posted as to what is going on. In the meantime, I've upgraded my flickr account and am now feverishly uploading all my photos...so take a gander if you wish.
Having promised Mum to make her something personalized for Mother's Day, I was at a loss as to what to make. A homemade candle? soap? I finally stumbled on a very cute and neat looking DIY tutorial for paper silhouettes. This was her result:

Could I attempt something similar? Should I? *cue dramatic music

So off to Target I went, picked up the double sided tape and glue stick. Then off to Michael's where each scrapbook sheet was to be had for like 50 cents each and 2 frames for $3.50 each (massive sale going on). Then took a picture of each child and followed tutorial and came up with this:

I think it turned out rather well. Next on the list...macrame wall hangings for my brother-in-law and sister! ;)

Hitler Gets a Cheap Font CD from ebay and Loses His Cool hahahaha

Even though it is Spring, it's still quite cold here (cold being a relative 65 degrees F, yes I'm a wussy I know), so I'm living in various rock tees from back in the day (found a couple of cool AC/DC ones from Walmart for $8 each!) and sweats. Oh and socks. Can you believe that...oh the things one must do keep warm. :P

Work has finally picked up enough that I'm hella busy that I'm now guarding my weekend time jealously and not actually working on the weekend and trying to relax. With the children growing up at the blazing speed of light (I want to shrink them back into babies)...and trying to be more frugal because of the economy...no more etsy binges, eating out...I have my hair done at the local Supercuts ($15 a cut) and I color my own hair now. And property taxes, and estimated taxes and all the other stuff one must deal with as a freelancer with kids and a mortgage. Okay that's a lot of babbling.

So...I've been really into reading lately and...stuff...let's talk about it to see if I can figure it out. On the book front, the new Lisa Kleypas book, Smooth Talking Stranger is out and it is a great read! Kleypas is the only romance author I still buy on a regular basis...everyone else is just kinda blah.

I mentioned the Maisie Dobbs series previously as a new favorite. I have to add to that The Inspector Rutelidge Series by Charles Todd. Set right after WWI, the hero takes up his former position as a Scotland Yard detective, while having to cope with his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It's quite well-written and riveting, authored by the unusual combination of a mother/son writing team. I'm hooked. So if you are looking for a new author to try out, Charles Todd is one to look into.

Also being delivered soon to my doorstep (hopefully) is Stella Gibbons book called Nightingale Wood. She also wrote Cold Comfort Farm (I saw something nasty in the woodshed! Sure, but did it see you??). So if you liked Cold Comfort Farm, this one is sure to be good too. Out of the some 20 books that she wrote, only Cold Comfort Farm has stayed in publication, much to my frustration. Unless you wanna pay $100 or more, or maybe a little less from crappily rated amazon sellers.

Here's a blog that I've enjoyed recently...The Dieline Blog, highlighting the latest trends in brand packaging. I like looking at the pretty colors and latest trends, and trying to apply the inspiration to my own work.

Also, here is the latest trailer for the new Fame movie coming out soon. It looks pretty cool.

Sorry this post is more rambly, will try to be less so in the future....