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Interesting Yet Somewhat Horrifying Link

A Pocket Guide to China, given to US forces during World War II, included a cartoon called "How to Spot a Jap", or how tell the diff between a Japanese enemy and our "Oriental" (read:Chinese) ally.

...Chinese usually has evenly set choppers--Japanese have buck teeth...

Why I Would Be Considered An Illiterate Chinese Redneck

Spending some time with my mom this weekend (I mentioned she wasn't feeling well before). Its just me, poor hubby is at home watching the kids.

Last night, whilst I went into orgasm over this new restaurant my parents recently discovered, it was nice to hang with my them.

"The best of all I love about Chinese food in a pot! Lap Cherng (Chinese sausage), salty fish and fan jew (crispy rice from the bottom of the clay pot)!!" I exclaimed while making a pig of myself.

The 'rents only smiled indulgently.

Today, I'll be heading back down south home after an early dinner. In the meantime, had to scour the Chinese gossip rags for something fun and silly to post...came up with this:

"Oh looky Mom, why is this guy looking at what I'm sure is a blow up doll so longingly? He couldn't be about to...omg...but yes he is..."

"*Gasp* Hump it!!"

She only rolled her eyes and she grabbed the mag from my hand and scanned the article quickly. "They're making a movie about an autistic guy who has the mental age of a 10 year old and they're trying to teach him sexual technique. Apparently no live girl would volunteer for the job, so they are using a rubber doll. These are stills from the movie."

"Awesome. Its so salacious I must publish this to my blog!!"

"Only people from the countryside who can't read and are not sophisticated would fall for this! They look at the pictures and ooh and ahh and buy the magazine because they think it really happened. The magazine knows exactly who their target audience is."

"But Mom, I can't read Chinese and I'm oohing and ahhing over the pictures."

"That explains a lot."

*Le sigh.
Yeah been awhile since I've posted...lotsa changes happening. Mom is not feeling well again and she's been to the doctor several times, quite worrisome but I am going to see her next week. It's a difficult thing to watch your parents age.

Son is now in Kindergarten, and loving it. Daughter is now in 3rd grade, and seems to be enjoying herself as well. In a fit of stress or emotional something...after going with Hubby to a quiet dinner (just the two of us), I strongarmed him into going to the local Petco to have a look at the animals. Upon spotting the parakeets, we had the following conversation:

Me: Honey, lets get a bird!

Hubby: Why?

Me: Because I want one.

Hubby (strenuously protesting): You're so impulsive. We already have two ginuea pigs. Besides your going to be looking for a job soon, and you won't have time to take care of a bird....

Me (giving him the stink eye): Look its either we bloody buy the 2 birds or we're having another kid. You pick your choice.

Hubby: *Sighs

So we came home with two cute birds, the blue one is named Burrito and the green one is named Lily.

Don't ask me why I wanted the birds. It's a thing....

So then of course this morning, I took the kids to Walmart to have breakfast at their MickeyD's, then we did some shopping (bird toys, soap and milk). Whilst at the soap section, I was deciding which brand to buy, when all of a sudden I hear Daughter's very very loud voice, "MOMMY WHAT IS THIS SOLDIER DOING HERE!! LOOK, HE HAS A HAT AND EVERYTHING!!" She was pointing to the display, much to the amusement of everyone in the aisle.

I quickly shushed her and hurried away. "Its nothing," I mutter to her.

Oh well, back to enjoying my new birdies. :)