Dim Sum Diaries
Yeah been awhile since I've posted...lotsa changes happening. Mom is not feeling well again and she's been to the doctor several times, quite worrisome but I am going to see her next week. It's a difficult thing to watch your parents age.

Son is now in Kindergarten, and loving it. Daughter is now in 3rd grade, and seems to be enjoying herself as well. In a fit of stress or emotional something...after going with Hubby to a quiet dinner (just the two of us), I strongarmed him into going to the local Petco to have a look at the animals. Upon spotting the parakeets, we had the following conversation:

Me: Honey, lets get a bird!

Hubby: Why?

Me: Because I want one.

Hubby (strenuously protesting): You're so impulsive. We already have two ginuea pigs. Besides your going to be looking for a job soon, and you won't have time to take care of a bird....

Me (giving him the stink eye): Look its either we bloody buy the 2 birds or we're having another kid. You pick your choice.

Hubby: *Sighs

So we came home with two cute birds, the blue one is named Burrito and the green one is named Lily.

Don't ask me why I wanted the birds. It's a thing....

So then of course this morning, I took the kids to Walmart to have breakfast at their MickeyD's, then we did some shopping (bird toys, soap and milk). Whilst at the soap section, I was deciding which brand to buy, when all of a sudden I hear Daughter's very very loud voice, "MOMMY WHAT IS THIS SOLDIER DOING HERE!! LOOK, HE HAS A HAT AND EVERYTHING!!" She was pointing to the display, much to the amusement of everyone in the aisle.

I quickly shushed her and hurried away. "Its nothing," I mutter to her.

Oh well, back to enjoying my new birdies. :)