Dim Sum Diaries
Here I am with another book review! Why is it posted here and not at the other blog that I made that I said that I would blog on a regular basis? Because it costs money, and Blogger is free. So, you guys will just have to bear with me on this. :)

Anyways, this book was recommended to me from amazon.com, so I went ahead and bought it, titled Foreign Affairs, by Allison Lurie. It won the Pulitzer Prize back in 1984, so that was an added incentive to read it. I'm usually wary of books that win prizes (even prestigous ones) that have various notable people bragging what a tour de force that particular book is. I want to judge for myself, and weirdly, even if the book has garnered awards, sometimes, I just can't get into the story. But for Foreign Affairs, I really did enjoy it. I was so happy to finally get a book I could really enjoy reading, I read it slowly, to make it last a little longer.

FA is the story of Vinnie Miner, a fiftysomething unmarried tenured professor who travels to London to do research for her new book. Lurie gently immerses you into Vinnie's life and her point of view. There is a secondary plot involving one of Vinnie's colleague, Fred Turner. Both go to London to do research and both find "love" (not w/ each other) quite unexpectedly, but it's how they themselves--their personalities with its set of assumptions and foibles--influence the affair that is superbly described. Some of the book reviews mention Lurie is similar to Austen in her eye for detail, social situations and human nature. I would agree with this very strongly.

Here's an excerpt:

...whereas his [Fred's] work on John Gay in the British Museum (now referred to by Roo [Fred's wife he is separated from at the moment] as the BM or Bowel Movement) is going very badly...He also likes to spread out at work, and to move around; at hom his notes covered two tables and a bed in the spare room, and books lay open on the carpet. In the BM his tall, muscular frame is cramped into a chair at a narrow section of desk between two other scholars or lunatics and their encroaching heaps of volumes, in an ill-ventilated hall full of identical radiating seats constructed on the same plan as the model prisons designed by Victorian moral philosophers.

The ending was a little unexpected (to me), but how each character is changed (or not) by the person they were involved with and what they take with them makes you really think.

This is the perfect book to read whilst traveling, or maybe snuggled up in bed with a cup of tea next to you. It's definitely a keeper, and I heartily recommend to everyone.
Upcoming book review. Going to see Simpsons movie. Work stressful, glad its friday now saturday. More later.
Trying to figure out how to effectively encapsulate my vacation thus far, including all the sights and sounds and EMOTIONS. Because there were a lot of those things (emotions) during the trip pertaining to my family, childhood etc etc etc. So much so, that I'm not above expressing this whole trip through INTERPRETIVE DANCE. That's right, your first eyeful of me, on Youtube, in a video, dancing. About my vacation to San Francisco. And Chinatown. And my cousin's beautiful wedding.

Luckily, cooler heads have prevailed, so y'all will be spared that embarrassment.

Also, probably not a very good idea to be emo, on vacation, stressed out about impending work AND SHOPPING, otherwise you'll plunk down a pretty penny for a gorgeous 300 lb Mission style dining room table from your favorite furniture shop in Berkeley and realize in 8 weeks you a) sweet talk the store manager into a favorable shipping rate to ship the damn thing from Berk to SD (which means they rent a U-haul and drive it down themselves and I pay for it) or b) I myself (read: Hubby) have to drive back up to Berk, rent a U-Haul and drive the damn thing back.
Yeah its been awhile since the last post eh? Other then working wayyyy too much and slowly getting ready for our upcoming vacation, there hasn't been much to write about. Other then me ferrying the kids to and fro from day camp. Oh yeah and then I dragged Hubby to the market with me (kids were spending night at in-laws), and apparently the advertised massive sale triggered supah-Asian-shopper (me) and I ended up buying 52 lbs of cat litter and 18 boxes of Yo-Gos for the kids. Oh yeah and a box of cookies for Hubby. Super sale, indeed.

So my cousin N is getting married in San Fran this weekend. We're renting a minivan to make the trek then will be driving to BFE to see the giant redwoods. Kids should enjoy that.

As I ponder my ripe old age of 35, I realize I've entered a whole new bracket of medical health stuff. I'm a bit more paranoid of getting cancer, and thus am going to get the GYNO checkup next month. I have to get mammograms now. I COULD GET MENOPAUSE ANY DAY NOW. Cuz you know, women get it earlier and earlier these days.

Also as I get older, I am becoming more of a hermit. Other then seeing my mom&dad&sister&bro-in-law, I dread seeing all the extended family at the wedding. Is that bad? I'm fine talk/communicating online with work and peeps...friends know that if they really need me, I'll be there, but other then that I choose to keep to myself.
Had a nice, quiet 4th with the family. Here are some cool things I've found recently:

--If you haven't seen Ratatouille, this is an awesome movie for kids and adults alike. One of Pixar's best by far (imo).

Not only is the animation superb and the plotting very well done, if you watch Food Network as avidly as I do, this movie is right up your alley.

I do need to mention that I plan to watch Transformers. I loved watching this cartoon series growing up...Hubby and Son (a good bonding moment for them) have already watched it and give it rave reviews.

Though when I did try to tell Son, "Now make sure we don't practice any fighting moves or violence you see from the movie ok? Remember its just make-believe...not real."

His reply? "Mom, how can I copy the movie? I don't have giant metal legs or laser cannons attached to my arms???"

--Neat webcomic recently published by the Washington Post I found via Angry Asian Man by Belle Yang. WaPo recently did a writeup about her. She is a Chinese-American who grew up in the U.S. She got into this bad relationship, where her boyfriend turned stalkerish, so her parents sent her back to live in China for a few years (to keep her safe). She was there for the Tienanmen Square riots in '89, which led to her becoming a writer. I plan to check out her books more in-depth soon.

--A Craiglist Wedding. I like this story.

More later as I find them.
I've been tagged by Colour Me Crazy to do a meme, so here it goes:

5 things found in your bag

1. Cell Phone. Indeed tis my lifeline to family, work and everything.
2. Burt's Bees Watermelon lip shimmer. My fave color.
3. Two Moleskine notebooks (one for detailing finances and the other to keep notes in).
4. Tiny box of napkins. Purloined by Dad (who is the champion napkin purloiner from places such as McDonalds) from a local Chinese restaurant in LA that gives you napkins in a little box rather then set one by your plate. Don't ask me why, but it's handy when you have kids who, when they sneeze, shoot out projectile snot up to 3 feet.
5. Pen and mechanical pencil (must haves).

5 favourite things in your room

1. My bed. Just got a new one (the old one was from my Aunt when we got married which used to be hers, was very saggy), a Tempur-PedicĀ® and I lurrrrv it so much.

2. Book Pile. Pile of books (faves and to-be-read) that I keep close to my bed because...well, I love books.

3. Tub. I take a lot of bubble baths, it's a given.

4. My windows. There are a bank of 3 windows I've overlaid with a gauzy, ivory sheer curtains and it makes the room very soft and calm. At night, the coastal breeze blows in and, coupled with the sound of the water feature from next door, makes for a very calming space.

5. My two parakeets, Burrito & Lily. The little hooligans are very chirpy and fill the room with pretty bird twitterings, which also makes me happy.

5 things you've always wanted to do

1. I've always wanted to work on a political campaign. If I could go back, sure I could try to do this, but now that I'm old fart and married with kids, this consuming job isn't ideal. The West Wing anyone?

2. Travel to Ireland and Scotland and England. One of these days. :)

3. Write a book (enuff said).

4. Meet Aaron Sorkin.

5. Act in a play.

5 things you're currently into

1. Trying to be a good parent.

2. Books by Lisa Kleypas

3. My ginuea pigs Fluffy and Truffles. I'm quite devoted to them.

4. World of Warcraft

5. Fitness/losing weight.

5 people you want to tag

1. Paul from Atomized Jr, cuz I'm evil and want to make his life a living hell.

2. Effy, cuz I like to torture people and I want to make his life a living hell.

3. Behind Pyramids, because I know she'd rather write memes at work then actually work!

4. K from Silly Sea Sammy, because she wants to join in on the fun too!

5. Froggy cuz it's fun? And I want to make his life a living hell? I'm running out of reasons here.