Dim Sum Diaries
Trying to figure out how to effectively encapsulate my vacation thus far, including all the sights and sounds and EMOTIONS. Because there were a lot of those things (emotions) during the trip pertaining to my family, childhood etc etc etc. So much so, that I'm not above expressing this whole trip through INTERPRETIVE DANCE. That's right, your first eyeful of me, on Youtube, in a video, dancing. About my vacation to San Francisco. And Chinatown. And my cousin's beautiful wedding.

Luckily, cooler heads have prevailed, so y'all will be spared that embarrassment.

Also, probably not a very good idea to be emo, on vacation, stressed out about impending work AND SHOPPING, otherwise you'll plunk down a pretty penny for a gorgeous 300 lb Mission style dining room table from your favorite furniture shop in Berkeley and realize in 8 weeks you a) sweet talk the store manager into a favorable shipping rate to ship the damn thing from Berk to SD (which means they rent a U-haul and drive it down themselves and I pay for it) or b) I myself (read: Hubby) have to drive back up to Berk, rent a U-Haul and drive the damn thing back.