Dim Sum Diaries
Yeah its been awhile since the last post eh? Other then working wayyyy too much and slowly getting ready for our upcoming vacation, there hasn't been much to write about. Other then me ferrying the kids to and fro from day camp. Oh yeah and then I dragged Hubby to the market with me (kids were spending night at in-laws), and apparently the advertised massive sale triggered supah-Asian-shopper (me) and I ended up buying 52 lbs of cat litter and 18 boxes of Yo-Gos for the kids. Oh yeah and a box of cookies for Hubby. Super sale, indeed.

So my cousin N is getting married in San Fran this weekend. We're renting a minivan to make the trek then will be driving to BFE to see the giant redwoods. Kids should enjoy that.

As I ponder my ripe old age of 35, I realize I've entered a whole new bracket of medical health stuff. I'm a bit more paranoid of getting cancer, and thus am going to get the GYNO checkup next month. I have to get mammograms now. I COULD GET MENOPAUSE ANY DAY NOW. Cuz you know, women get it earlier and earlier these days.

Also as I get older, I am becoming more of a hermit. Other then seeing my mom&dad&sister&bro-in-law, I dread seeing all the extended family at the wedding. Is that bad? I'm fine talk/communicating online with work and peeps...friends know that if they really need me, I'll be there, but other then that I choose to keep to myself.