Dim Sum Diaries

Theres No Business Like Show Business...

B.J. Ward has always been one of my favorite figures in the entertainment industry. She's an incredible voice-over artist. She was the voice of Scarlett in the GI Joe cartoon series in the '80s. She was also the voice of Allura/Aurora in Voltron.

Recently, she's decided to focus on the classical voice. Back in 1995, Lo-Gung and I (this was before we were married) had the chance to perform with BJ Ward at the Ambassador Auditorium (now defunct) in Pasadena, CA. This is what sealed the deal for me in terms of Lo-Gung. One look into his soulful, brown eyes as he sang with and to me, and I got all gooey.

So there we are, the chance to sing with BJ Ward...the aria of the day is Si, mi chiamano Mimi, from La Boheme by Puccini. Its always a thrill to be able to show everyone your stuff...to be involved with a production...

Mimi (aka BJ Ward):

*Si, Mi chiamano Mimi,
ma il mio nome i Lucia.
La storia mia i breve:
a tela o a seta
ricamo in casa e fuori...
Son tranquilla e lieta
ed i mio svago
far gigli e rose.
Mi piaccion quelle cose
che han si dolce malia,
che parlano d'amor, di primavere,
di sogni e di chimere,
quelle cose che han nome poesia...
Lei m'intende?

Rodolfo (aka Mir & Lo-Gung):

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Our big part. Which, admittedly, the whole audience actually sang that single, fateful word. But that still means I get bragging rights in terms of singing with BJ!

Next stop: An off-broadway production of Just Mir 2004!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!