Dim Sum Diaries
Dear Readers of The Dim Sum Diaries,

This is my last day of work. This will be my last post from my computer. Mixed feelings obviously, only here really to sign paperwork, then apparently I'm being dragged to several drunken orgies...but don't know how long I'll stay. The emotions are bubbling beneath the surface and I may get a little cry-y today. I'll report more later. :)
Well, it is finally the last week of work. I anticipate it should be pretty light work wise, mostly just goofing around...blogging...and crying into one's cup of diet Coke during lunch because I'll miss some of my fellow cubemates.

Sunday morning was my day to sleep in. Daughter crept in my room whilst I was snoring away.

"Mommy, put this tag on when you wake up okay?"

I mumbled my agreement and kept right on sleeping. When I finally woke, I put my little tag on--it was a slip of paper with a bit of scotch tape attached to it. It said "cook" on it. I went downstairs.

"Now what is this all about? Why am I a cook?" I glared at Hubby because I always glare at Hubby when these sorts of things happen.

"Oh," Hubby replied. "Daughter has decided to make herself THE QUEEN. Her brother is the Butler." When I only kept glaring at him, he shrugged. "Don't blame me, she wrote Message Center on mine."

Son had to chip in his two cents too. "Gah-Jeh (Big sister in Chinese), I'm NOT A BUTLER OKAY!!!"


For Easter Sunday, we went to my sister-in-law's house for a big dinner thingie. It was pretty nice and there is a whole long ass story about their house being damaged by the recent heavy rains (owner was redoing roof, forgot to put plastic tarp over exposed roof when it rained). They finally had the house fixed and the owners (they rent) redid the entire house for them...including add some new fixtures that the owner's wife thought the house needed, and not necessarily the taste of R, my sis-in-law.

"I have to show you something, Mir," she confided. "They added new wallpaper to the master bedroom. It's so old fashioned looking."

"Oh," I said. And when I saw the wallpaper, indeed...it was a very fussy pink floral pink. Very ah-moh (old lady style).

"Oh, I love it!!" cried R's mother (who is in her 70s).

"Oh, I think it's lovely," said my mother-in-law (who is 64).

"Oh my god, that is the exact pattern of mother-in-law's bedspread!!!!!" I noted. "Doesn't it? Doesn't it?"

"It does look similar," mother-in-law agreed.

"R, how does it feel to have your mother-in-law's bedspread hanging on your wall?"

Mayhap I should have kept quiet because if looks could kill...


So anyways, logged into the internets at work today, checked email...52 in my inbox!! And all from my romance writer's group. They are attempting to put on a big-time writer's conference of which my critique partner has been integral in planning. Politics however have crept in and the email loop is rampant with flaming and "Oh y'all know how I love you all, but damn it bitches, my opinion is the right one!! Hugs & Smooches."

I am so staying out of it.

So anyways, on Thursday, I will be having drinks after work with my soon to be former colleagues. On Friday I will be having drinks with G, my poor critique partner, to lament over the lameness of group politics (which is why I prefer to hang out with men, they are so much more simple to boss around and handle).
Note to self: Keep to self today, instead of annoying the hell out of everyone like you did yesterday...

6 more business days till the end...
With Badly Dubbed Boy frolicking and prancing in the good ole USA, found a cool link from his site that I'll need to check out in depth---Great Writing - Release The Writer Within You.

Also sometimes it seems as if I am too connected to the Internet. There is a list of code words, as it were, that I use to reveal if certain people are as geeky connected as I am. Note that if they recognize what I am talking about...as I am able to traverse deeper into the levels of geekiness...I get more and more excited until the penultimate level is reached and I explode in unaderated bliss...

-Internet (ooh nice)
-Blogs (aaaahhh)
-Wonkette (yes!)
-Firefox (yeah, baby)
-gmail (ohhh)
-Kottke (oh my god oh my god)
-Boing Boing (yes!!!!)
-Decentralized Social Networks (yessssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!)
-World of Warcraft (smoking a ciggie at this point)
I spent my birthday accompanying my Mom to the doctor. I thought about making the 1.5 hour drive back home afterwards, but when the first fat raindrops began plopping on my windshield, I knew that I would spend the night at my 'rent's house. I think my parents were secretly glad to have their daughter home. No grandkids, no husband. Just me and them. They totally fussed over me, which is always nice. Glad to find out that my dad has been less moody of late (guess that's where I got that trait from!). When I asked why he's been less moody, Mom confided her little secret that had me howling with laughter for about 15 minutes. I promised not to tell in case Dad ever reads the blog, but omg...Mom!!! She is so devious. Let's just call it a secret Chinese recipe (no its not sex omg did I just mention my parent's sex lives on the internet??? omw)

Spent the rest of day alternately cursing the WoW servers for being down all day and going shopping for birthday/I forgot to bring an overnight bag outfit. Ended up not going out to dinner because of the rain. Mom cooked eggplant in black bean sauce, we had Chinese deli duck (plump and juicy and delicious I love you duck). After work must rush home to pick up kids and rush Daughter off to piano practice. I miss Hubby and the kids so it'll be good to see them tonight.
Hmm...tomorrow is the impending day of DOOM, aka my 33rd birthday. Here are some things that I have noticed about myself since turning almost 33...

1. I tend to hang out with people younger then myself in social situations. This can be a good thing (it keeps you up to date with all the trends), but may also be a double edged sword. For example, L (coworker) was kind enough to take out to lunch today. We had pho (yummy Viet noodle soup). We were talking and laughing as usual, and I was pontificating about old age.

"Oh my god," I said, "I totally find that as I get older, my tolerance from bullshit has gone way low!"

"You are so right, Mir, my grandpa is exactly the same way!"

There was a brief pause as I arched an eyebrow at her. Then of course, she tries to backpedal. The bitch. ;)

"Oh, not that your like my grandpa...of course not..."

2. I've become extremely senile/forgetful. Not only do I forget to pack my son an Easter basket for school (yeah yeah), I am supposed to drive up to my parents' to spend the night...and I forgot to pack an overnight bag. Now I have to go shopping for toiletries...sundries...etc etc etc. I wonder though if its not so much that I'm getting old...mayhap its because I play entirely too much WoW and don't get enough sleep...

3. My aforementioned Valley Girl accent has become more pronounced. Several coworkers from GA who are visiting here are wondering at the marvel of the Chinese girl with an Irish last name and peppers her conversation with, "Like, then I totally said..." and "Oh my god..."

And on a related note, as only 8 more business days until THE END, everyone has taken to razzing each other big time at work. I've become known as "Mir, who calls everyone at work her bitch"...

Ah well...its good to be almost 33...
The 30 Least Hot Things You Can Say To A Naked Woman. Sadly enough, if Hubby tried #9 on me, I'd be all over him like white on rice.
Whew! Have not posted in a bit. Many things happening amongst Clan Mir. Son decided that he should put his hand on a hot lawnmower muffler, thus burning most of the palm of his hand (seems that he takes after his mother). Miri goes into full mother-bear-charging-about mode...wrapped his tiny little hand with enough gauze and tape to bandage a small moose. I kept him home for two days to ensure he didn't dip his hand in dirt or sand...as tiny males are prone to do at that age. Luckily there is no need to go to doctor.

Work is finally starting to wind down. My counterpart at the new facility has taken over my projects. I'm only here to tie up loose ends. Only ten more business days, and the stress level is finally starting to ebb a bit. I took a break from WoW last night and went to bed at 9:30 pm, so the extra rest was nice.

Starting to think about the mental/emotional transition from that of working professional to stay at home mom (even if only for a few months?). What would that entail? Buying a minivan? Buying lots of sports pants with stripes down the side of the leg? Baking cupcakes? Volunteering at daughter's class in school? One friend advised taking up yoga...she said she'd go with me to a class...but that may involve stretching body parts that haven't been stretched in well...years. Playing WoW 24/7? Take a serious stab at writing (I'm already starting to go in that direction...all in my head of course).

On 3/22 will be my 33rd birthday. That day will be spent taking my mom to the doc...stress over worrying about her health...

So I guess a lot will be happening over the next couple of weeks. I'm not one who takes change easily...so we'll see how it goes.
Note to self: At work, do not yell out "Oh my god, its the Ides of March!!!"

"Huh?" asked T, a co-worker.

"You know, March 15, the day Julius Caesar got murdered...Shakespeare...never mind..."


Aye, well, it's calmed down a bit at work now. Mayhap it's because my PMS is not as bad as before. :p

It is twelve more business days until the last day, so I've a bit of short-timers mentality. Finally bought a Moleskine pocket book and made an analog date book out of it so I can't forget anything anymore.

Hubby built Daughter a nice Pottery Barnesque desk which she now uses on a regular basis for homework. I finally bought her desk supplies (a pencil holder etc) and a cute little flowery trash can. It makes her seem so grown up. Oh well if we are going to be bragging about Hubby's mad workworking skillz, he also built a very close approximation of this PB shelf for her. She's taken to leaving me little sticky notes in the oddest places that she think I will find. This morning at !@$!%^! 4:30 am I went in to give her a kiss before I left for work. On the foot of her bed was this note:

"Mommy, I love Your hond."


"O Daughter of Mine," I queried, "What does thou mean by this mysteriously written missive?"

"Honda, Mommy. I love your Honda. You know your car?" she said a little sleepily.

"Oh. Well then I must bother and annoy you by kissing your face repeatedly then going to work."

"Zzzzzzzzzzzz," was her reply.

Why am I blogging about random things? No idea, it's a nice change whining blogging about all the drama at work. ;)
I predict that the next few weeks preceeding March 31, the entries will be mostly bitching about work. Oh, the stress. And did I mention that I have a really bad case of PMS? I think I've finally gone round the bend...and I've been in a totally bitchy mood. I think all the women on my team...there are 4 + me must have "touched" each other...because now we all seem to have PMS and are all bitchy...try to destress by making rude/obnoxious/explicit jokes...oh and did I mention the afternoon crying jags? We'll all stand around our cubes and talk...and one of us will inexplicably end up crying...

Oh wait...one of us is crying now...
Coworker L couldn't (or wouldn't) blog about this, but I will...


When said stripper a) does not look like his "picture" on the internet and b) is actually wearing socks and tries nonchalantly to sexily take them off as part of his routine.

Also, lack of tearaway cop pants is another good indication.

Something To Listen To Whilst At Work

The Daily Show's Stephen Colbert gives a cool interview on Fresh Air With Terry Gross.

I love this guy.

In other news and 'dotes, Hubby's birthday was on Sunday. I love you, there's nothing like snuggling with you in the morning before heading off to battle (work).

Friday...But Not Really That Funny...

Ah, the drama that is work these days. Though I am not blogging about it (for obvious reasons), perhaps a detailing of my lately horrible diet will show how fucked up stressful the situ is.


Breakfast - a granola bar, coffee
Lunch - Small bowl of Pho (Vietnamese noodles)
No snacks

The Last Few Days:
Breakfast - Carls's Jr Sunrise Bacon & Egg Croissant sandwich, hash brown nuggets, extra large cofee.
Lunch - Two big plates of noodles (shared with L, co-worker)
Snack - Banana, and a large slice of homemade ice cream cake from co-worker, candy (lots of chocolate)

And I'm losing weight, not gaining weight!

And now I know that there are some peeps who are pissed at me because I am completely neglecting responsibilities I have volunteered for.

And this Sunday is Hubby's birthday, am planning a big day trip out for the family, we definitely need to get away.

What's A Little Road Rage Between Friends

Okay that last post was a little....unrevealing...and ominous...

So to lighten my own mood up, I thought I'd relay a story that happened recently at work. Our team recently went out to lunch (courtesy of da boss), and we went in two cars. The girls in one and the boys in the other. The boys of course, drove off in rapid fashion, leaving the girls to get to the restaurant at a more sedate pace. Once in the parking lot, M (the driver) was getting ready to make a turn. Suddenly a car shot forward and cut her off before she could make the turn, forcing her to brake suddently.

Much to the amazement of my co-workers, the first thing out of the usually quiet and demure Mir's mouth was, "Who was that @!#%!#$@^@$%@# asshat that just cut us off???"

M's reply---"Ha ha ha the asshat is Ed (the driver of boys' car)".

Me: "Damn."

Of course as soon as we got out of the car, M had to tell Ed. "Hey, Ed!! Mir called you an ass!"

"I called him an asshat, not an ass," I remarked dryly.

Everyone was laughing really hard.

"Sorry, M, if I'd known it was you, I wouldn't have cut you off," Ed said contritely.

"I'm sorry, Ed, if I'd known it was you I wouldn't have called you an asshat," was my reply.
Yesterday was the first time (that I remember anyways) that my sister and I have consulted each other as adults over a family situation. Keep in mind that this is the girl who cut off the hair of my Marie Osmond barbie doll when I was little, and I was the one who put garish, drag queen make up on her when N (sister's nick here) was asleep (she's a heavy sleeper) then waited until she woke up, shuffled around the house and screamed in horror when she finally looked in the mirror.

She's now married and has a great job. I'm a mother of two with a job (for at least another month). Now we talk to each other as adults, still a strange phenom for me mentally. Just me, I guess.

And while I thought about blogging about what is going on right now, I think I won't. Suffice to say that this is going to be an interesting year for the Mir household/clan.