Dim Sum Diaries

Friday...But Not Really That Funny...

Ah, the drama that is work these days. Though I am not blogging about it (for obvious reasons), perhaps a detailing of my lately horrible diet will show how fucked up stressful the situ is.


Breakfast - a granola bar, coffee
Lunch - Small bowl of Pho (Vietnamese noodles)
No snacks

The Last Few Days:
Breakfast - Carls's Jr Sunrise Bacon & Egg Croissant sandwich, hash brown nuggets, extra large cofee.
Lunch - Two big plates of noodles (shared with L, co-worker)
Snack - Banana, and a large slice of homemade ice cream cake from co-worker, candy (lots of chocolate)

And I'm losing weight, not gaining weight!

And now I know that there are some peeps who are pissed at me because I am completely neglecting responsibilities I have volunteered for.

And this Sunday is Hubby's birthday, am planning a big day trip out for the family, we definitely need to get away.