Dim Sum Diaries
Whew! Have not posted in a bit. Many things happening amongst Clan Mir. Son decided that he should put his hand on a hot lawnmower muffler, thus burning most of the palm of his hand (seems that he takes after his mother). Miri goes into full mother-bear-charging-about mode...wrapped his tiny little hand with enough gauze and tape to bandage a small moose. I kept him home for two days to ensure he didn't dip his hand in dirt or sand...as tiny males are prone to do at that age. Luckily there is no need to go to doctor.

Work is finally starting to wind down. My counterpart at the new facility has taken over my projects. I'm only here to tie up loose ends. Only ten more business days, and the stress level is finally starting to ebb a bit. I took a break from WoW last night and went to bed at 9:30 pm, so the extra rest was nice.

Starting to think about the mental/emotional transition from that of working professional to stay at home mom (even if only for a few months?). What would that entail? Buying a minivan? Buying lots of sports pants with stripes down the side of the leg? Baking cupcakes? Volunteering at daughter's class in school? One friend advised taking up yoga...she said she'd go with me to a class...but that may involve stretching body parts that haven't been stretched in well...years. Playing WoW 24/7? Take a serious stab at writing (I'm already starting to go in that direction...all in my head of course).

On 3/22 will be my 33rd birthday. That day will be spent taking my mom to the doc...stress over worrying about her health...

So I guess a lot will be happening over the next couple of weeks. I'm not one who takes change easily...so we'll see how it goes.