Dim Sum Diaries
With Badly Dubbed Boy frolicking and prancing in the good ole USA, found a cool link from his site that I'll need to check out in depth---Great Writing - Release The Writer Within You.

Also sometimes it seems as if I am too connected to the Internet. There is a list of code words, as it were, that I use to reveal if certain people are as geeky connected as I am. Note that if they recognize what I am talking about...as I am able to traverse deeper into the levels of geekiness...I get more and more excited until the penultimate level is reached and I explode in unaderated bliss...

-Internet (ooh nice)
-Blogs (aaaahhh)
-Wonkette (yes!)
-Firefox (yeah, baby)
-gmail (ohhh)
-Kottke (oh my god oh my god)
-Boing Boing (yes!!!!)
-Decentralized Social Networks (yessssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!)
-World of Warcraft (smoking a ciggie at this point)