Dim Sum Diaries
I spent my birthday accompanying my Mom to the doctor. I thought about making the 1.5 hour drive back home afterwards, but when the first fat raindrops began plopping on my windshield, I knew that I would spend the night at my 'rent's house. I think my parents were secretly glad to have their daughter home. No grandkids, no husband. Just me and them. They totally fussed over me, which is always nice. Glad to find out that my dad has been less moody of late (guess that's where I got that trait from!). When I asked why he's been less moody, Mom confided her little secret that had me howling with laughter for about 15 minutes. I promised not to tell in case Dad ever reads the blog, but omg...Mom!!! She is so devious. Let's just call it a secret Chinese recipe (no its not sex omg did I just mention my parent's sex lives on the internet??? omw)

Spent the rest of day alternately cursing the WoW servers for being down all day and going shopping for birthday/I forgot to bring an overnight bag outfit. Ended up not going out to dinner because of the rain. Mom cooked eggplant in black bean sauce, we had Chinese deli duck (plump and juicy and delicious I love you duck). After work must rush home to pick up kids and rush Daughter off to piano practice. I miss Hubby and the kids so it'll be good to see them tonight.