Dim Sum Diaries
Yesterday was the first time (that I remember anyways) that my sister and I have consulted each other as adults over a family situation. Keep in mind that this is the girl who cut off the hair of my Marie Osmond barbie doll when I was little, and I was the one who put garish, drag queen make up on her when N (sister's nick here) was asleep (she's a heavy sleeper) then waited until she woke up, shuffled around the house and screamed in horror when she finally looked in the mirror.

She's now married and has a great job. I'm a mother of two with a job (for at least another month). Now we talk to each other as adults, still a strange phenom for me mentally. Just me, I guess.

And while I thought about blogging about what is going on right now, I think I won't. Suffice to say that this is going to be an interesting year for the Mir household/clan.