Dim Sum Diaries
Well, it is finally the last week of work. I anticipate it should be pretty light work wise, mostly just goofing around...blogging...and crying into one's cup of diet Coke during lunch because I'll miss some of my fellow cubemates.

Sunday morning was my day to sleep in. Daughter crept in my room whilst I was snoring away.

"Mommy, put this tag on when you wake up okay?"

I mumbled my agreement and kept right on sleeping. When I finally woke, I put my little tag on--it was a slip of paper with a bit of scotch tape attached to it. It said "cook" on it. I went downstairs.

"Now what is this all about? Why am I a cook?" I glared at Hubby because I always glare at Hubby when these sorts of things happen.

"Oh," Hubby replied. "Daughter has decided to make herself THE QUEEN. Her brother is the Butler." When I only kept glaring at him, he shrugged. "Don't blame me, she wrote Message Center on mine."

Son had to chip in his two cents too. "Gah-Jeh (Big sister in Chinese), I'm NOT A BUTLER OKAY!!!"


For Easter Sunday, we went to my sister-in-law's house for a big dinner thingie. It was pretty nice and there is a whole long ass story about their house being damaged by the recent heavy rains (owner was redoing roof, forgot to put plastic tarp over exposed roof when it rained). They finally had the house fixed and the owners (they rent) redid the entire house for them...including add some new fixtures that the owner's wife thought the house needed, and not necessarily the taste of R, my sis-in-law.

"I have to show you something, Mir," she confided. "They added new wallpaper to the master bedroom. It's so old fashioned looking."

"Oh," I said. And when I saw the wallpaper, indeed...it was a very fussy pink floral pink. Very ah-moh (old lady style).

"Oh, I love it!!" cried R's mother (who is in her 70s).

"Oh, I think it's lovely," said my mother-in-law (who is 64).

"Oh my god, that is the exact pattern of mother-in-law's bedspread!!!!!" I noted. "Doesn't it? Doesn't it?"

"It does look similar," mother-in-law agreed.

"R, how does it feel to have your mother-in-law's bedspread hanging on your wall?"

Mayhap I should have kept quiet because if looks could kill...


So anyways, logged into the internets at work today, checked email...52 in my inbox!! And all from my romance writer's group. They are attempting to put on a big-time writer's conference of which my critique partner has been integral in planning. Politics however have crept in and the email loop is rampant with flaming and "Oh y'all know how I love you all, but damn it bitches, my opinion is the right one!! Hugs & Smooches."

I am so staying out of it.

So anyways, on Thursday, I will be having drinks after work with my soon to be former colleagues. On Friday I will be having drinks with G, my poor critique partner, to lament over the lameness of group politics (which is why I prefer to hang out with men, they are so much more simple to boss around and handle).