Dim Sum Diaries
Note to self: At work, do not yell out "Oh my god, its the Ides of March!!!"

"Huh?" asked T, a co-worker.

"You know, March 15, the day Julius Caesar got murdered...Shakespeare...never mind..."


Aye, well, it's calmed down a bit at work now. Mayhap it's because my PMS is not as bad as before. :p

It is twelve more business days until the last day, so I've a bit of short-timers mentality. Finally bought a Moleskine pocket book and made an analog date book out of it so I can't forget anything anymore.

Hubby built Daughter a nice Pottery Barnesque desk which she now uses on a regular basis for homework. I finally bought her desk supplies (a pencil holder etc) and a cute little flowery trash can. It makes her seem so grown up. Oh well if we are going to be bragging about Hubby's mad workworking skillz, he also built a very close approximation of this PB shelf for her. She's taken to leaving me little sticky notes in the oddest places that she think I will find. This morning at !@$!%^! 4:30 am I went in to give her a kiss before I left for work. On the foot of her bed was this note:

"Mommy, I love Your hond."


"O Daughter of Mine," I queried, "What does thou mean by this mysteriously written missive?"

"Honda, Mommy. I love your Honda. You know your car?" she said a little sleepily.

"Oh. Well then I must bother and annoy you by kissing your face repeatedly then going to work."

"Zzzzzzzzzzzz," was her reply.

Why am I blogging about random things? No idea, it's a nice change whining blogging about all the drama at work. ;)