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hahah its from bbcamerica ok i'm so going to bed
Some things have been going on lately, mostly good that I have wanted to blog about. So here we go. I've been thinking about what I should do, in terms of looking for a job soon. I gave myself the deadline of Jan 2007 to start looking because of the busyness of the upcoming holidays and such.

"So what are you going to do?" asked my sister, when I was at her house for dinner last.

"I don't know." I'd been toying around with the vague notion of working at some part time retail job.

"How about writing?"

"Not sure, writing that Great Chinese-American Romance Novel doesn't seem to be working out too well," I replied.

"You'll find something," she said.

So a few days later I find out I may have the opportunity to snag a freelance technical writing gig. I'm still waiting to find out if it is a go or not, but in the meantime I realize that if I don't do something now...what I love...at least try to...I may regret it. So what this translates to is, if this technical writing gig falls through, I'm going to attempt to find some other medium I can write for, at least for now, that pays somewhat decently...articles...food reviews? I need to do some research, and see what there is out there. So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, my epiphany.

Sounds a bit dorky, but once it finally hit me (big ole duh right there, along with a few other big duhs I should've realized wayyy long ago), it was like whoa!! Yeah! So I guess that's what I'm going to try to do.

The last few books I blogged about reading have influenced me greatly, I think. Its rather like discovering the romance genre when I was a teenager. So much so that I've been buying up books from Ronlyn Domingue's fave book list like mad. I also lurrrve Catfish and Mandala...you simply MUST read this book.

Ah well, who knows, this is the path I choose to travel for now. In the meantime, I keep on loving and taking care of my husband, kids, mother, father, sister.

And if it doesn't work out? I can always start crafting these en masse, and selling them on ebay. :)

Why I Need To Hang Out With My Family More

For blogging gems, of course!

We went to my sister's house this evening for dinner. Knowing Mom's penchant for wedding bric-a-brac, N (sis) presented Mom with a prettily wrapped box she'd gotten as a wedding favor.

"Open it," urged N.

So Mom did, and inside were two of those Asian lucky cats. "You know, Asian businesses love to display these figurines," Mom said as she studied the inscription. "This one says may 10 million pounds of gold go into your business. Good thing to happen to a business."

"I figured you'd like them," said N.

Mom handed one to me. "Here, you should put this one in your newly redecorated bathroom," she suggested.

Enjoy some incredible guitar work from Rodrigo and Gabriela! (via)

I've been scaling back my time spent on WoW, another guy gives details on why he quit the game.

Yeah, so playing game less...blogging and writing more... o_O

Added a new section to masthead links...I've added a listing of my favorite things.
When I last went to the 'Rents' house, Mom mentioned that her younger sister, my Aunt G, could not get over the resemblance between myself and my cousin J (dad's elder brother's oldest girl).

I was like, "Nuh uh!"

Mom was like, "Uh huh!"

J had spent the night at chez moi earlier...so Hubby had gotten a look at her. So I asked Hubby about this ALLEGED resemblance.

"Nuh uh!" I denied emphatically.

"Uh huh! Your mum is right!" he said.

So, what do the dear readers of this blog think? The above picture is of me (shocking, I actually posted a pic of myself publicly after all these years) and below on the right is my cousin J. The woman with her on the left is the infamous Aunt G.

So we're actually the same age, born a month apart (I'm older)...and don't you think its awesome/strange that my dad and his brother both spawned babies who may or may not look similar? Very strange indeed.

Yes, these are the questions that are keeping me up at night...

In other news, I absolutely adore Aaron Sorkin's new show Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. You can actually watch the latest ep on the web, which is pretty cool. They featured Sting as a musical guest, and though I usually find Sting annoying, I may go out and buy his latest.

Have been watching a lot of BBC Comedy lately, The Vicar of Dibley in particular...which is why I included the Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders bit in the last entry.

"Have you seen the video from the last entry in the blog?" I demanded of Hubby tonight, who had just flopped onto bed and was TRYING to pretend he was asleep.

"No dear."

"Oh, its so fucking funny!" I tried to explain to him the skit, but kept bursting into giggles on the you just grab the fish by the tail, get a mallet and BANG BANG BANG smash it till its dead, then you scrape up the bits then you put them in the toilet....hysterical...

Hubby only gave me one of those looks. "Dear, I have to get some rest..."


He sighs quietly. "Yes dear."

Okay, maybe its time for me to go to bed....


A certain smartass tard (read: Noggy) has suggested that those two pics may not be the best for comparison (Noggy is a tard). And these two photos (and though I think this new one is wayyyy less flattering as I was drunk off my ass in this pic...Noggy is a tard) may be a bit more accurate...so...yeah we do look alike huh? (Noggy is a tard).

Daughter is getting near the age of where we need to have THE TALK...maybe this is how it will go (heh heh):

The following is a conversation that was had whilst driving the kids home from the market:

Daughter: Yeah so last year, a bunch of the girls in my class really liked you A (Son). They thought you were so cute!

Son: Oh yeah, those are my special girls.


Son (matter of factly and quite smugly): My special girls...you know they think I'm cute and everything.

Me (wants to say...Boyo you will belong to me for sometime before you get swept away by some girl...): That's nice, son.
He flashed a smile at me as he passed me, his grin quick and friendly. His dark, sultry eyes held mine...time stopped for a moment as I realized what he had in mind for me. He was going to give it to me, and I did not have any objections whatsoever....

The first one came so fast, so quick...I wasn't ready for it. Waves of pleasure radiated through me...it was sooooo good. Oh my god, I wanted more. The second, third and fourth ones quickly followed and though not as intense, were pleasurable. I wanted...no...I DEMANDED the next one. But...it wasn't enough...I needed just a little bit more...a tiny something...however, it was the last...the sixth one that finally did me in. I closed my eyes briefly, and licked the creaminess from my lips, savoring the tart sweetness. The total experience of it all pinned me like a moth against velvet, I could not move afterwards...I could only lay back, replete...

I wonder if I'll ever experience six in a row again? The only question that remains however, is who was he? A pirate? Or just a man who knew how to deliver the goods? Either way, I knew that someday, we shall meet once more.
I should be asleep, but I'm not. I felt the need to blog something...maybe to express what's been floating around in my head. Hubby is still up, playing WoW, he promises to go to bed in 1/2 an hour (yeah right). I've been on a book buying binge lately, desperate for that next enthralling book that will take me away to somewhere magical. Unless its by one of my favorite romance authors, I don't buy romances anymore. Somehow the tired plot-line of pretty thing in cosmopolitan city with appealing sounding chic job (art gallery director, fashion editor, etc) meets tall dark and handsome man, have sex, some lame plot, they end up happily ever after just doesn't cut it anymore. I want the book to be smart...engaging...I want it to hit me on head from the get go and engage me in the story. I want an escape...and I think I've found a winner with this latest book I JUST finished (which explains the late night), called Catfish and Mandela, by Andrew X. Pham.

Its a story about a boy who endures life in postwar Vietnam, and his family's subsequent migration to the United States, and adjusting to life as an American. Never feeling fully accepted as a "true American", he goes back on a bicycle tour of Vietnam, visiting the places he grew up. Yet he doesn't quite fit there either...the book is rich in detail on the intricate social customs one must observe even with strangers. The importance of not losing face...a distant relation blowing a week's wages at a bar so his guest (the author) and their party can drink fresh cobra blood (and heart) mixed in wine (the cobra only having been sliced open seconds before). The author drinking this mixture (though he is repulsed) because he realizes his hosts efforts in making this grand (and expensive) gesture on his behalf. The rampant corruption...everyone wants something from him...and they aren't afraid to ask for it. He tries to reclaim a lost part of himself during this trip and in so doing seems to sum up the character of the country and the culture poignantly.

Its bloody 2:35 am now, I'm probably babbling but this book is definitely a keeper for me. Being Chinese-American and 2nd generation, I am somewhat removed from what he experienced, but I can identify somewhat with what he is talking about. Especially with the family and it's expectations.

So go, go read it. Be entranced. I know I was.


Why I'm Going To Change My Cell Phone Number

Its been one of those cool days where I have packed the kids off to school, and hunkered down in bed reading a fabu book (which I will blog about later). Suddenly my cell phone starts ringing for a long ass time...someone calls me two times. I ignore it because if its Hubby, he'll call the home phone and yell at me through the answering machine to pick up the damn phone.

Awhile later, I reluctantly check my cell phone to see who called. Its a number from the same area code. Thinking it might be the school or something, I call the number back.

Unknown Male Voice: Hello

Me: Hello? Did you call my number?

Unknown Male Whose Voice Suddenly Turns Sultry Upon Discovering That I Am Indeed Female : Well, hello. Yes I did...

Me (*sighs): Yes?

Unknown Male Voice: It's me, your country boy! *nudge nudge wink wink

Me: ...

Unknown Male Voice: OMG is this not Lorraine?

Me: Uh...no.

Unknown Male Voice: Oh dear God. Sorry. Wrong number. Uh, I was the one who called two times this morning and left that voicemail...yeah sorry about that....