Dim Sum Diaries

Why I'm Going To Change My Cell Phone Number

Its been one of those cool days where I have packed the kids off to school, and hunkered down in bed reading a fabu book (which I will blog about later). Suddenly my cell phone starts ringing for a long ass time...someone calls me two times. I ignore it because if its Hubby, he'll call the home phone and yell at me through the answering machine to pick up the damn phone.

Awhile later, I reluctantly check my cell phone to see who called. Its a number from the same area code. Thinking it might be the school or something, I call the number back.

Unknown Male Voice: Hello

Me: Hello? Did you call my number?

Unknown Male Whose Voice Suddenly Turns Sultry Upon Discovering That I Am Indeed Female : Well, hello. Yes I did...

Me (*sighs): Yes?

Unknown Male Voice: It's me, your country boy! *nudge nudge wink wink

Me: ...

Unknown Male Voice: OMG is this not Lorraine?

Me: Uh...no.

Unknown Male Voice: Oh dear God. Sorry. Wrong number. Uh, I was the one who called two times this morning and left that voicemail...yeah sorry about that....