Dim Sum Diaries
Girl in A Cafe sounds like a cool thing to watch.
Well, when it rains it pours. Haven't been feeling that well lately. On Monday, it was Son's preschool graduation. He wasn't actually graduating, but he was in the "show". This year was made more special by the fact it was the preschool's 30th graduating class. Mother-in-law (MIL) has been teaching there for 30 years, so they were honoring her. Hubby was in the first graduating class, so of course he had to be honored too. Which is all great and wonderful.

Except! Apparently that day, my life had been transmorgified into a Ben Stiller movie. Supposed to show up with kids in tow at 4:45 pm. Father-in-law (FIL) had been kind enough to watch the kids for the day while I ran some errands. Got a little tired in early afternoon, so decided to take a nap. Assured myself that I would wake up by 3:45-4:00ish so that I could get the kids, primp them up, primp myself up (live media coverage of the event!) etc etc etc.

Ended up over-napping, waking up at 4:20. Had yet to get myself ready...apparently after being laid off, have gotten a bit squiffy around the edges (too much snacking?). Could not fit into my blouses...in a hurry so settled for jeans and a American Eagle t-shirt (though in hindsight wearing a "When This Van Comes A-Rockin, Don't Come A-Knockin" shirt to a conservative (think red state-ish) event wasn't the best possible choice). Ran to in-laws house. Was very quiet, so I opened the door with my key. A shrill siren pierced the air. Apparently they had left already and set the alarm...and I didn't know the code to reset...and it prompted an armed response.

Decided that it would be better not to be caught in the house with the alarm going, I quietly relocked the door, jumped to my car and sped towards the preschool (about a mile away). Suddenly I was a fugitive...running away from the law...

Caught sight of FIL at the preschool parking lot.

"Uh, FIL, you may want to drive back home...I may have set the alarm off. The cops may be on their way to your house as we speak..."

He only laughed, apparently thinking that such behaviour was typical for me (where did he get that idea from??). Drove back to the house, lo and behold an officer was there.

"Sorry officer, I am the perp!" I told him jokingly.

"No problem," he replied long-sufferingly.

Entire in-law side of the family was in stitches over the event. Why am I blogging about this? I have no idea.
Ferrky you bitch! Welcome back!

I shall chat with you soon!

Things I Have Done Since Getting Laid Off That I am Proud Of:

1. Getting unibrow waxed.
2. Spending summer with the kids at home, instituting a schedule in which they can learn (Chinese language immersion w/ a Valley Girl accent) and have fun.
3. Refining household budget.
4. Actually surfing the web and checking email...even blogging a bit.
5. Leveling my mage to 52 on WoW.
6. Compiling this pretty lame ass list but what the hell.

Things I Probably Shouldn't Have Done Since Getting Laid Off

1. After announcing loudly to Mother-in-Law (whilst at their house) that I am calling Hubby on the phone, forget she is nearby and whisper loudly to Hubby, "That's right, you'll take it like the bitch you are..." Then to have her walk by with her what the hell did you just call my darling precious son expression on her face.
2. Blogging about #1 on the internet.
Yeah the smutzy humor postings have come back.

What you were reading at your most private of moments: The Writings on the Stall.

Two Completely Unrelated Thingies...But...

First, an article profiling Alice Waters, best known for her Bay Area restaurant, Chez Panisse (via).

Second, Triumph interviews Michael Jackson supporters. Hilarity ensues.

So, like I don't got the funny these days, but some new stories seem to fill the vacuum in just fine. ;)
Went to my cousin R's engagement party this past weekend. It was quite fun, though it was mentioned that my Aunt (who married a white-bread) had friends (Chinese woman married to a Caucasian man and are both lawyers) who live in the OC (Orange County), in a pretty nice neighborhood. Apparently they live next to an affluent Caucasian couple who are white supremacists. The white sups' have apparently been leaving nasty notes on their car every morning, harassing them to the point where they had to call the police. When Uncle Deep Throat went to visit them, they left a nasty note on his car too.

"My God, don't they have anything better to do?" I asked my Aunt.

"No, it's the wife. She stays at home and has a lot of free time to do this. None of the women work there. They all stay at home," Aunt G. replied ominously.

Bloody hell. Now I am eyeing our newly moved in uber blonde neighbors with some suspicion. And aparently I am one taco short of being a Stepford Wife (because I don't work and I stay at home!!!!!!)

Ah-nuld "fixes" a pothole as part of a press event...the pothole was dug by city crews only a few hours before. I'd make some catty comment...but I haven't had my morning coffee yet. :P