Dim Sum Diaries
Went to my cousin R's engagement party this past weekend. It was quite fun, though it was mentioned that my Aunt (who married a white-bread) had friends (Chinese woman married to a Caucasian man and are both lawyers) who live in the OC (Orange County), in a pretty nice neighborhood. Apparently they live next to an affluent Caucasian couple who are white supremacists. The white sups' have apparently been leaving nasty notes on their car every morning, harassing them to the point where they had to call the police. When Uncle Deep Throat went to visit them, they left a nasty note on his car too.

"My God, don't they have anything better to do?" I asked my Aunt.

"No, it's the wife. She stays at home and has a lot of free time to do this. None of the women work there. They all stay at home," Aunt G. replied ominously.

Bloody hell. Now I am eyeing our newly moved in uber blonde neighbors with some suspicion. And aparently I am one taco short of being a Stepford Wife (because I don't work and I stay at home!!!!!!)