Dim Sum Diaries
Things I Have Done Since Getting Laid Off That I am Proud Of:

1. Getting unibrow waxed.
2. Spending summer with the kids at home, instituting a schedule in which they can learn (Chinese language immersion w/ a Valley Girl accent) and have fun.
3. Refining household budget.
4. Actually surfing the web and checking email...even blogging a bit.
5. Leveling my mage to 52 on WoW.
6. Compiling this pretty lame ass list but what the hell.

Things I Probably Shouldn't Have Done Since Getting Laid Off

1. After announcing loudly to Mother-in-Law (whilst at their house) that I am calling Hubby on the phone, forget she is nearby and whisper loudly to Hubby, "That's right, you'll take it like the bitch you are..." Then to have her walk by with her what the hell did you just call my darling precious son expression on her face.
2. Blogging about #1 on the internet.