Dim Sum Diaries

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Just came back from a mini-writers conference this weekend and it was pretty cool. I am a bit tired tho.

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween today! I will be trick 'o treating w/ kiddies tonight, and no, I will not be dressing up as any Star Trek characters this year.

Man, you do it once (or 2x in row) and you never live it down!!
This is the latest viral thang to make its way round the Net since the star wars kids video, these two young ones lip syncing to various songs. Here is the first one. Tian's linked more. Frankly, I'm a sucker for the second to last video.
Not really in the posting mood, just been busy with the kids and the upcoming holidays.

However, this is so worth watching, Gap has a new interactive site where you can try clothes on your virtual model in a very hilarious and cute way. Bit of an Austen Powers strip tease thing going on but nothing too naughty. I was laughing my ass off the whole time.

Well I just got some sad news. One of my coworkers from the place where I was laid off, passed away. She had transferred to Georgia to work (instead of being laid off) and was working the late shift. Apparently she had a massive heart attack and collapsed. Someone heard a noise and found her slumped over. They tried CPR and called 911, but I guess it was too late.

She was only 48. She was a tough talking woman who threatened to beat people with a big black stick (turns out it was rubber) if they didn't do things her way. But underneath the intimidating exterior was an extremely competent woman with a heart of gold. She was someone who wasn't afraid to call it as she saw it.

Gonna miss you, Sheila.
Listen to this phone call from a man in Texas who witnessed a car accident that involved 4 elderly women (make sure you have your speakers turned up).

Hilarity ensues.
Have gotten a lot of things done lately, seem to have this nervous energy that impels me keep going. Writing is going well, have been at it busily, so thats cool. Also, fall is in the air and I seem to be gearing up for some massive cooking orgies. Fam coming down to visit this weekend, have plans to make inordinate amounts of chicken curry.

Seem to be PMSing a bit too, so here are the top 5 things I will be doing or have done to de-PMS:

5. Getting eyebrows waxed.

4. Reading Lisa Kleypas' new book, It Happened One Autumn.

3. Getting hair done (cut and partial weave).

2. Eating massive amounts of chocolate truffle thingies.

1. Crossing many items of my list of things to do.

Note: I've noticed that 40% of the things that make me happy involve hair removal in some way, shape or form?????

Went to Tar-Jay this weekend to buy the kids their Halloween costumes. Son wants to be a Power Ranger, Daughter wants to be a Hello Kitty cowgirl. Which is all good and cool, but as I browsed through the adult rack of costumes (no I am not dressing up as anything this year), I was semi-horrified to find this...OMFG! It was a Don John Miami Vice costume!! Its Crockett or Tubbs, I think? Apparently, 80s retro is back full force. Also interesting is the Magnum PI (was Tom Selleck not adorable as M back in the day??) and *gasp* Prince.

Although Target does have a really cute Halloween designs this year. I couldn't resist buying this.

Since Turkey Day is going to be at my house this year, I thought I'd post an absolute must have, Williams-Sonoma Turkey Gravy Base. A bit pricey, but oh my god, sooooooo delicious and worth it.


Found an old pic of Miami Vice.

*Sighs, god I'm getting old.