Dim Sum Diaries
Have gotten a lot of things done lately, seem to have this nervous energy that impels me keep going. Writing is going well, have been at it busily, so thats cool. Also, fall is in the air and I seem to be gearing up for some massive cooking orgies. Fam coming down to visit this weekend, have plans to make inordinate amounts of chicken curry.

Seem to be PMSing a bit too, so here are the top 5 things I will be doing or have done to de-PMS:

5. Getting eyebrows waxed.

4. Reading Lisa Kleypas' new book, It Happened One Autumn.

3. Getting hair done (cut and partial weave).

2. Eating massive amounts of chocolate truffle thingies.

1. Crossing many items of my list of things to do.

Note: I've noticed that 40% of the things that make me happy involve hair removal in some way, shape or form?????