Dim Sum Diaries

Went to Tar-Jay this weekend to buy the kids their Halloween costumes. Son wants to be a Power Ranger, Daughter wants to be a Hello Kitty cowgirl. Which is all good and cool, but as I browsed through the adult rack of costumes (no I am not dressing up as anything this year), I was semi-horrified to find this...OMFG! It was a Don John Miami Vice costume!! Its Crockett or Tubbs, I think? Apparently, 80s retro is back full force. Also interesting is the Magnum PI (was Tom Selleck not adorable as M back in the day??) and *gasp* Prince.

Although Target does have a really cute Halloween designs this year. I couldn't resist buying this.

Since Turkey Day is going to be at my house this year, I thought I'd post an absolute must have, Williams-Sonoma Turkey Gravy Base. A bit pricey, but oh my god, sooooooo delicious and worth it.


Found an old pic of Miami Vice.

*Sighs, god I'm getting old.