Dim Sum Diaries
I love my extended family. We all keep in touch via Yahoo! Groups, a thing I started after my Gung Gung (maternal grandfather) passed away a couple of years ago. I haven't even been checking it recently. Anyways, about the fam...it's all women--4 aunts (and 2 uncles), and all cousins with the exception of two are female as well. So imagine my poor younger cousin R, the tortures he must endure with so many females around. I called my mom the other day, who relayed this interesting information to me.

"Did you know that R got engaged?" she asked.

"WHAT?? When? Where?"

"R took a trip to Hong Kong w/ his girlfriend and proposed on the way there. Then he came back and told his Mom, and told her to keep it a secret."

"So why isn't it a secret anymore?"

"She posted it on the internet."


So there was a rush to check the loop and indeed 65 messages had already been posted regarding this from various members of the family. Including R's "Geez thanks Mom for posting such secret information on the Internets." I was howling w/ laughter. While working my way through the scores of messages, I garnered that the female cousins were egging R on to re-enact the proposal scene via Chinese opera. No word as to whether that will happen yet.

Anyways, congrats to my dear cousin R and his fiancee J!
Hmm...guess it's been awhile since I posted. After the layoff, it seems that my internet habits have completely changed...that is I don't really surf anymore. No more blog perusing. Bah, I barely check my email. Mostly it's WoW, or home stuff. It's been kinda cool being at home. Not only can I relax, but I've been able to reorganize my closet (e.g. fold the laundry).

Amazing how many minor details you miss when working, for example, when helping Son get dressed in the morning, he insists that he must wear pants with pockets and shirts cannot have zippers on them.

I need to set a schedule so I can get to writing again...and also maybe reorganize the linen closet...
Been home for a couple of days now. Thursday was pretty interesting, after signing the paperwork we kind of milled around for awhile. Went to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch, had a martini, got partially drunk (only drank like 1/16 of it). Got a horrible headache, very tired.

"Oh drink more," Dean (coworker) advised. "Then that tired feeling goes away."

Hubby then phoned and advised me that Son was complaining about an ear infection, so I had to make the hour drive home (slightly drunk) and take him to the doctor. Phoned doc, was able to make an appointment and made ready to get on my way after lunch. Was poohed poohed by fellow former colleagues for bailing out so early, as there was another get together after lunch, supposed to last well into the night. I was actually relieved to leave because I am 1)old 2)had to take care of Son and 3)old.

Next day tried to call unemployment line...at least 40x that day, was always busy. Finally signed over over the internet...

Hubby is getting more stressed about work, it's one of those a thing with the thing situ...so now I'm finally the stay at home mom fully in charge of the household type thing. Still a bit of a weird mental thing I have to shift from. I don't mind it, it's just different. Bought a bunch of movies, plan to veg this week and watch them...could this entry be any more disjointed...that's the way I'm feeling now. More later...