Dim Sum Diaries
I have posted since, God knows when...I'm mostly on twitter these days, but this issue is bugging me enough that I feel I need to post something.

No doubt everyone has heard about Amazon continuing to sell an e-book regarding pedophilia. I am usually completely anti-censorship. It makes me a bit queasy to call for amazon's removal of this book from it's shelves (so to speak) because of the slippery slope one begins to tread. If amazon does cave, does that mean the next time someone finds a book's content offensive, say on the subject of, rocks, if there were enough protests, would amazon pull that book too?

Yet because I am a mother of 2, I can't help but find this book's content to be completely objectionable, especially when comes to the exploitation of children. What if it was a book detailing how to overthrow the government or something would amazon still want to defend it? I don't know.

And the fact that some people I usually wouldn't associate with (Christian right wingers) are rt'ing my tweets on this is kind of freaking me out as well.

So they are exercising their "rights" to free speech by not censoring the book, I am exercising my free rights by abstaining from buying anything from their website until they pull the book. The fact that I am boycotting what is in one respect a censorship issue makes my heart a bit uneasy, but being a Mom, I can't sit idly by and let this pass.
Dearest readers,

I get many questions and comments from readers of this blog, my twitter acct and in real life, about my superb sense of etiquette, sophistication and general demeanor and grace???...in other words, how to act like a lady. After much soul-searching and thinking, I have decided to share the secret of my ubah success with the rest of the world. So dear readers, if you want to learn how to be the epitome of grace, style and poise, follow this simple guide.

I did!
Dude, it's been awhile since I've blogged (yeah I know I start out every blog entry like that don't I?)...I find it a lot easier to randomly twitter my thoughts instead writing a long ass post. I hadn't really felt the need to post really. But here I am! So away we go.

If you've interacted with me online, you'll find that I can be quite the rambunctious, foul mouthed perv (especially if I feel comfortable with you!). However, since I freelance from home and don't get out much (cept to go to market), if you meet me in real life and I don't feel quite comfortable with you, I can be quite...shy. Introverted even! I went to a trade show recently to meet up w/ some dudes from work (and had only corresponded w/ via email before)...and I think I came across as an introverted, quiet type..."this is the girl whose been doing our marketing? Are you sure???? Maybe it's a body double!!" So I was like...feck... Oh and if you get used to talking a certain way online via ventrilo or im ("You #%@#$@#$#$ FBOMB FBOMB FBOMB GO SUCK A HOT C*CK", and everyone knows your joking and accepts your foul mouthedness as due course), whilst in real life, trying to describe the camaraderie w/ my online buds to my sister...I paused mid F-BOMB because then I realized her mouth was gaping in shock. Oh yeah, people don't talk like that in real life, do they? OOPS!

So I'm still adjusting to this disconnect...I have a upcoming business trip where I visit work...we'll see if I'm able to break out of my Dr f-bomb Jekyl/Mr. shy Hyde mindset...

Trying to focus this year on making sure the kids/hub are doing well, focusing on working out (apparently it's way easier to lose the weight in the 30s then the 40s, and since I'm almost 38, I figure I should kick it into gear now), so doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred, and trying Jillian Michaels Maximum Strength Fat Burner supplements to see how it goes. One week down already and I can see some results. Also discovered this blog, Everyone Likes Sandwiches, this girl has some amazing recipes that have gotten me interested in cooking again, and making delicious dinners. I swear I'm going to try every recipe she's ever published.

Also, reading through Lloyd Alexander's entire published works...since he is the one who got me interested in the fantasy genre back in middle school (all those years ago) in the first place.

I hope everyone is having a great year so far...I know I am.
Suffice to say that this year has been somewhat of a rough and tumble, challenging year for chez moi. Many trips to the hospital for various family members, all of whom are okay now thankfully and our family bond is closer and stronger because of it (see I'm looking at the silver lining here). You know me, I like to stress out mightily over all things...and since money was a bit of an issue this year, I could not indulge in as much retail therapy (evil etsy!!!!) as I would've liked. Soooooo I must say that the one saver of my sanity this year was books. Books pass the time whilst in the hospital waiting room, or simply to escape one evening because the trials and tribulations of the world are too much. Books are invaluable. Books are like mana from heaven...you get the idea...so I'm gonna blog about some of the ones that really stood out for me.


I rediscovered the high fantasy genre this year, which are stories set in LOTR like worlds. Rediscovering high school favorite fantasy author Rhondi Vilott (and her numerous pen names, thank god for the internets) was like meeting an old boyfriend from high school (whom one has never quite gotten over). I know, it was like that!!! But the true treasure trove lay in heretofore undiscovered, most excellent author Dennis L. McKiernan! I srsly bought all his books (new and used) from amazon. His stories have everything...romance, pirates, sword fights, monsters, humor, and love conquers all (to quote The Princess Bride). When a character tragically died...I was in tears...I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOO...surely the priest has a resurrection spell...my priest in World of Warcraft could do it...why isn't he/she alive?????? Bloody hell!!! I'd have to say so far "The Dragonstone" by Mr. McKiernan is by far my favorite. He's written a crapload of books, I'd just pick one and jump right in. I guess you'd have to read it for yourself to understand what I'm talking about.


While Lisa Kleypas remains my all time favorite romance author, it was a pleasant surprise to find that Julia Quinn's "What Happens in London" was actually quite good. Despite my bitching earlier this year about her, I did enjoy this book. It has an Austen-esque quality to the writing to it and it further endeared me to it when I happened to have it in my purse when I took Daughter to the ER when she had a concussion...they'd just given her a very painful shot and she was crying uncontrollably...the only thing I could think of was to read to her from this book (though I did "skip" the love scenes) and it did distract her from the traumas of staying in the ER for hours on end. So Julia Quinn, thank you for this gem, it quite literally was indispensable in my time of need.

Another unexpected find was romance author Teresa Medeiros. Yes, I bought her entire backlist too and passed many a night in the sweetly written, happy, knight in shining armor happily ever after type books she writes. Some were a little corny, but hey, thoroughly enjoyable!

More on this later! Time to cook dinner!