Dim Sum Diaries
I have posted since, God knows when...I'm mostly on twitter these days, but this issue is bugging me enough that I feel I need to post something.

No doubt everyone has heard about Amazon continuing to sell an e-book regarding pedophilia. I am usually completely anti-censorship. It makes me a bit queasy to call for amazon's removal of this book from it's shelves (so to speak) because of the slippery slope one begins to tread. If amazon does cave, does that mean the next time someone finds a book's content offensive, say on the subject of, rocks, if there were enough protests, would amazon pull that book too?

Yet because I am a mother of 2, I can't help but find this book's content to be completely objectionable, especially when comes to the exploitation of children. What if it was a book detailing how to overthrow the government or something would amazon still want to defend it? I don't know.

And the fact that some people I usually wouldn't associate with (Christian right wingers) are rt'ing my tweets on this is kind of freaking me out as well.

So they are exercising their "rights" to free speech by not censoring the book, I am exercising my free rights by abstaining from buying anything from their website until they pull the book. The fact that I am boycotting what is in one respect a censorship issue makes my heart a bit uneasy, but being a Mom, I can't sit idly by and let this pass.